It’s a comic and cosplay convention held every July. I was scheduled to be going as Superman with Kana in her new Superwoman outfit, but she has an important emergency business meeting and she doesn’t know how long she’ll be. It’s a shame as her Superwoman outfit is just like Helen Slater’s, so I know she’d probably steal the show with her looks and martial skills, she certainly makes a hot Superwoman in the bedroom in private 😉 I told her to wear it under her business suit, come along when she’s finished, strip out of her business suit and fly in to the building in style, but I think she’s really shy, she can be sometimes, bless her 🙂

Instead I’m going along with Hannah, she’s going in her X-Men Rogue costume! I managed to get in contact with her and she still has her outfit and jumped at the offer to come along! I’m going in my Spiderman costume, the really expensive padded one, not my chillout Spandex one, so it should be a fun (and sweaty) day!

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