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We shot these pictures last year as a test for our heroine site. Kate wore my expensive replica Classic Superman costume, and Shabina wore our Power Girl costume. This Superman outfit is my best one, it cost close to £400 to have made, I don’t wear it when relaxing, or in the bedroom for the girls ;). I only wear it to costume competitions and conventions, and I must say Kate looks sexier in it and my Superman boots than I do, she sure sexified it for me! It feels sexier when I wear it knowing it has been wrapped round her warm curves 😉

Kate’s gorgeous, isn’t she? She loves Superman and Superwoman, so when I asked her if she’d like to try my super-sexy-expensive Superman exhibition outfit on, she couldn’t say no! I won’t let anyone else try the Superman costume that Kana made for me, as that’s sentimental, and for mine, Kana and Mika’s extra curricular use only, private conventions 😉

Who says a woman can’t wear a Superman outfit and not look drop dead sexy in it? Wait till you see Kate as Superwoman and Shabina as Dark Superwoman wrestling it out in the studio! I can’t find the preliminary set, but I will…..


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Destruction Derby 2 was one of the games I got with my Playstation 1 in 1998, it was also one of the games that got me hooked on smash-em-up car games, and racing games in general. Burnin’ Rubber on my Amstrad CPC464+ in 1992 was the first racing game I ever played.

Seeing as DD1 & 2 are classed as vintage, I don’t think Psygnosis will mind it being shared for free, as you can’t even buy it new anymore, so here are both games for PC. I’ve set both games up as standalone with an install of DOSBox, and zipped it up.

Download links

It’s hosted on my company server over at www.kitamuracomputers.net, CLICK HERE to download the RAR archive.


All you need to do is use WinRAR or a free alternative to extract the RAR. Then run either “Start Destruction Derby 1.bat”, or “Start Destruction Derby 2.bat”, and away you go! All save functionality works fine, you can save replays, save games and game configs just fine!

Enjoy these classic smash-em-ups!

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The Sprinter contains a Sentry Key Immobilizer System (SKIS) which has three main components:

1. A transponder circuit in each key fob, with lock/unlock buttons and integral battery.

2. A transponder ring antenna.

3. A Sentry Key Remote Entry Module (SKREEM) which is wired to the van’s high speed CAN (Controller Area Network) where it can talk to the Engine Electronic Control Unit (EECU or ECU).

The system communicates with the Sentry Key Remote Entry Module (SKREEM), using the transponder chip located within the Remote Keyless Entry (RKE) fob. Ignition keys are supplied with the van when it is shipped from the factory. The SKREEM module is located inside the instrument cluster housing, just under the cluster housing cover, at the back of the cluster unit itself.

The transponder ring is plugged into the SKREEM module, where its wire runs from the instrument cluster up to where the ring itself is slotted over the ignition barrel. It is a wireless radio antenna.

Each Sentry Key has a unique transponder identifcation code permanently programmed into it by the manufacturer. Likewise, the Sentry Key Remote Entry Module (SKREEM) has a unique “Secret Key” code programmed into it from the factory too. When a Sentry Key is programmed into the memory of the SKREEM, the SKREEM stores the
transponder identification code from the Sentry Key, and the Sentry Key learns the Secret Key code from the SKREEM. Once the Sentry Key learns the Secret Key code of the SKREEM, it is also permanently programmed into the transponder’s memory.

The Sentry Key’s transponder is within the range of the SKREEM’s transponder ring when it is inserted into the ignition lock cylinder. When the ignition switch is turned to the ON position, the SKREEM communicates with the Sentry Key via a radio frequency (RF) signal. The SKREEM determines if a valid key is present based on the information it receives from the Sentry Key. If a valid key is detected, a message is sent to the Engine Control Unit (ECU) via the Controller Area Network (CAN) data bus and the vehicle is allowed to start or continue running. If an invalid key is received by the ECU or no status at all is communicated, the engine will stall after two (2) seconds of running because the ECU cuts power to the glow plugs and fuel injectors. The indicator light on the key fob will be flashing at this point.

The Sentry Key’s transponder can not be repaired. If it is faulty or damaged, it must be replaced. Common communication problems include:
a. Two transponder keys too close together.
b. Speed Pass too close to transponder key.
c. Solid indicator in the instrument cluster indicating there is a system failure.
d. Loss of ECM communication on the CAN bus, either due to interference or faulty control unit.
e. Failed transponder ring circuit.

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I had a feeling it wouldn’t be long, and it’s finally happened! Ultra sexy-cute DeviantArt cosplayer *youronlydoll has cosplayed Shaundi from Saints Row 2 to compliment her earlier Shaundi SR The Third pictures! Check her out, she’s a smoking hot hippie chick:

Awww, her lovely curves are BACK and BETTER than ever! She sure does Shaundi justice! I had a massive soft spot for the original hippie Shaundi, and *youronlydoll makes those fantasies real and more erotic than ever! If I had to get into drugs to have a date with her, Loa dust would be worth it!

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The MCM convention on in Manchester yesterday was really fun! As I said Friday, I didn’t go in my Superman costume, but my Spiderman one! There were quite a few Supergirls and Batgirls around, but unlike ComicCon 2010 I wasn’t surrounded by Superwoman, but Spiderwoman! I met a rather sexy angel dressed as a skimpy Spiderwoman called Elise. We actually didn’t spend a lot of time in the exhibition centre, these two pictures were taken at another private cosplay party event in Salford that Elise took me and Hannah to! She was hunting for cosplayers to poach for her friend’s party!

Here’s me with Elise, she took a liking to me as Spiderman, she makes a very pretty (and daringly skimpy! ;)) Spiderwoman:

The Spiderman outfit I have isn’t just thin Spandex, this one’s actually padded out, I like how beefy it makes me look, but it got very sweaty! I do have a Spandex one but that isn’t for cosplay events, this one’s more authentic. Check Elise out in the next pic, we got a nice full length shot of her, in hotpants and all, showing her lovely legs off:

This shot shows my tummy off a little, that beerbelly won’t be there much longer. Elise didn’t mind, she said I was cuddly, which was actually a nice compliment, she was a great partner. She didn’t see my face all day until the dinner we had later on, when she then said I was cute! Awww, shucks, she wasn’t bad herself 🙂 That’s what I like about my Spiderman outfit, I can keep the mask on and keep girls at events guessing what I look like, minus glasses (Don’t try keeping glasses on under one of these things, I tried and it hurt!). I’ve always had nice compliments at reveal time, so I mustn’t be too bad looking, I let the girls decide!

Hannah came along as I mentioned, and she looked absolutely scrumptious as Rogue, Elise took a photo of her:

Overall a great day! Thanks to Steve for the two pictures of me and Spiderwoman Elise, I didn’t even take my phone with me, just me in my costume. Just a shame Kass couldn’t have been with me in her new Superwoman outfit, as she got called away on business, and didn’t finish the meeting till 4pm, I’d already come back to Jenny’s, but I’ll tease her with Elise, she didn’t get chance to flirt with her and I did 😉

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It’s a comic and cosplay convention held every July. I was scheduled to be going as Superman with Kana in her new Superwoman outfit, but she has an important emergency business meeting and she doesn’t know how long she’ll be. It’s a shame as her Superwoman outfit is just like Helen Slater’s, so I know she’d probably steal the show with her looks and martial skills, she certainly makes a hot Superwoman in the bedroom in private 😉 I told her to wear it under her business suit, come along when she’s finished, strip out of her business suit and fly in to the building in style, but I think she’s really shy, she can be sometimes, bless her 🙂

Instead I’m going along with Hannah, she’s going in her X-Men Rogue costume! I managed to get in contact with her and she still has her outfit and jumped at the offer to come along! I’m going in my Spiderman costume, the really expensive padded one, not my chillout Spandex one, so it should be a fun (and sweaty) day!

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