I’m seeing a massive trend on the Internet, and I don’t like it. People are taking free service manuals available on the internet, collecting them, and then selling them on. I feel this is illegal, because:

  1. They don’t own the copyright to the service literature.
  2. They don’t have the rights, nor permission to SELL for profit, or a license from manufacturers.
  3. They often charge extortionate prices!

All for stuff that isn’t theirs! Tradebit, eBay, and all the other sites that charge on a per-manual basis, I don’t agree with, and detest them hugely. Add to that they often slap their own watermarks on, secure the documents with passwords (tampering with stolen goods) so that no-one can edit them. Service manuals are only public because they’re ILLEGALLY LEAKED, so all these arseholes are committing a criminal offence, by selling stuff that isn’t theirs.

Sites that offer unlimited downloads for a tiny monthly fee I agree with, as these aren’t extortionate, and they host the files on a server they pay for, so you’re not actually paying for the material, just the right to access the website. The ones I use even have permission, and pay royalties to manufacturers.

So, eBay sellers like “servicemanualseu”, and all those Tradebit cowboys selling a single 3 – 30MB file for $19.99, AVOID them. I often find that a quick Google reveals the stuff is available free elsewhere anyway. I’ve reported people like these to manufacturers, and a few have actually been disciplined, good riddance to ’em and all! These cowboys’ excuse is “we charge so much to stop DIY’ers”, but it isn’t your place or right of decision to say who can have them and not.

I have links with people in the electrical repair industry, being a qualified technician. I pay far less for a bunch of manuals from a manufacturer that wouldn’t even buy me a Tradebit cowboy’s single manual!


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3 Responses to “Watch out for unscrupulous sellers of service manuals on eBay and Tradebit”
  1. Nick says:

    Hello – I’m a service engineer and I absolut share your opinion. I also had a dispute with a guy from this site: http://www.manuals4you.com/ and I like to report him but I’m afraid that these reports might end up at the wrong person if I send them to some info@manufacturer.com mail adresses. IS there a chance you can recommend me some contacts or maybe forward this site to the right places for me?

  2. Tidosho says:

    Hi Nick,

    There are complaint sites out there that allow you to share experiences and get them out in the open. Sites like CanYouTrustThem? (http://www.canyoutrustthem.com), and Top10Links (http://top10links.com/cat.php/Shopping%3AComplaints) can help you get complaints out there.

    Even me here at TideLog, I love exposing morons on the internet, so give me as much info as you can and I’ll make it public for you, and deal with the flaming!

  3. Michael A says:

    Agreed re servicemanualseu on eBay. If you look at his response to neutral/negative feedback he is rude and hostile.

    It is immoral that sellers like him should get away with ripping people off.

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