We’ve got Dark Supergirl, good Supergirl, Wonder Woman & Lightning Girl, and 4 different girls to play those characters, so we were thinking of some more characters. I remembered Hannah, a friend of mine who came to a cosplay event with me a few years ago when I first got my Superman outfit. She cosplayed Rogue from X-Men, and looked really hot in her skintight costume!

I found a pic I took of her in my archives, I wanna get her on our new site!

I don’t really know the purpose of that belt running round her waist, but I do remember it driving her nuts! It kept slipping down while the picture was taken, so she ended up taking it off!

Her role on the site? What do you think? Sexy advisor to Supergirl, watching Dark Supergirl’s every move, waiting to trap her? Any readers want Hannah to be one of the girls to messy wrestle? I personally think that outfit would look nice covered in gunge, gateaux and carnation cream! It’d withstand the action too as there’s no bits to get snagged! I first need to contact her, see if she’s up for it, and more importantly, if she’s still got the costume and those sexy boots!! Kassie doesn’t know yet, let’s keep it a surprise! She’s partial to sexy ladies in skintight costumes!

Kassie got most of our costumes from a fancy dress shop she took over, after it got into financial difficulty. I found a female Robin costume in her studio’s costume and props department nicely displayed on a mannequin stand. I took it home and took a picture:

Kass tells me it is actually a unisex costume so both guys and girls can wear it. I have actually seen guys at conventions wearing an outfit like this. It’s really sexy, so I might try it on, show my sexy footballer legs off to our girls in a shoot, heh, I’m a bad boy 🙂 I’ve never cosplayed as Robin, and have always wanted to….

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