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PARENTAL GUIDANCE: This film is a PORN parody, and is NOT intended for family viewing. The images in this post are not extreme but some do contain sexual intention

Surfing the web I came across this film from Extreme Comixxx. It’s a Supergirl porn parody, with Alanah Rae as Supergirl. I haven’t watched it yet, but the promo pictures on the site blew me away, Alanah and her costume are simply stunning. It features Superman too, played by Andy San Dimas (I think!!) Look at these pics!

I love Alanah as Supergirl, and I also love the Superman costume! I’d swap with this guy anyday, his outfit looks quite a bit sexier than mine, just without the official S emblem like mine has. In this film I think there’s even some girl girl action with Supergirl in her uniform, she’s a superheroine, but also a super-naughty heroine! Check this out:

It brought back a dream I had of Kassie and Mika making love together. Kassie was wearing her new Supergirl outfit that we’re having made for her, I can’t wait for it to be reality!

The promo pics are massive, much bigger than these here on TideLog, here’s the page: http://extremecomixxx.com/SuperGirlPR/

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We’ve got Dark Supergirl, good Supergirl, Wonder Woman & Lightning Girl, and 4 different girls to play those characters, so we were thinking of some more characters. I remembered Hannah, a friend of mine who came to a cosplay event with me a few years ago when I first got my Superman outfit. She cosplayed Rogue from X-Men, and looked really hot in her skintight costume!

I found a pic I took of her in my archives, I wanna get her on our new site!

I don’t really know the purpose of that belt running round her waist, but I do remember it driving her nuts! It kept slipping down while the picture was taken, so she ended up taking it off!

Her role on the site? What do you think? Sexy advisor to Supergirl, watching Dark Supergirl’s every move, waiting to trap her? Any readers want Hannah to be one of the girls to messy wrestle? I personally think that outfit would look nice covered in gunge, gateaux and carnation cream! It’d withstand the action too as there’s no bits to get snagged! I first need to contact her, see if she’s up for it, and more importantly, if she’s still got the costume and those sexy boots!! Kassie doesn’t know yet, let’s keep it a surprise! She’s partial to sexy ladies in skintight costumes!

Kassie got most of our costumes from a fancy dress shop she took over, after it got into financial difficulty. I found a female Robin costume in her studio’s costume and props department nicely displayed on a mannequin stand. I took it home and took a picture:

Kass tells me it is actually a unisex costume so both guys and girls can wear it. I have actually seen guys at conventions wearing an outfit like this. It’s really sexy, so I might try it on, show my sexy footballer legs off to our girls in a shoot, heh, I’m a bad boy ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ve never cosplayed as Robin, and have always wanted to….

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Many people confuse the two, or think they’re the same. They’re not. I’m going to demystify the myth, so to speak!

Integrated Graphics

Integrated graphics are a graphics system that is integrated into the Southbridge chipset of a system, like S3 Mirage and Intel GMA, so the chip controls both graphics and other subsystems. They do not have their own dedicated memory, instead they use system memory, which in my opinion is a good thing, because you won’t get expensive to repair soldered faulty graphics RAM. If the RAM does go bad, simply replace the module(s). The bad part is that the system RAM is often a lot slower than dedicated GDDR2/3/4 chips onboard, using system memory can also cause bottlenecks as the graphics memory bus is slowed down to the system memory bus speed.

Integrated chips (Intel’s are known as ICH (Integrated CHipset) or IGH (Integrated Graphics Hub), are not intended for gaming, but mainly light work. They can handle video (Intel’s GMA HD range can handle HD video) and possibly older games, like Doom 1 & 2, but nothing heavy.

Discreet Graphics

Discreet graphics are a dedicated graphics chip soldered to the motherboard, like the nVidia GeForce G M chips. They have their own dedicated GDDR memory soldered to the board, running on its own super fast memory bus, so it is not limited to the slower system memory bus speed. Discreet graphics are usually always much much faster than integrated graphics, and are much better for gaming. They can be soldered to the main motherboard along with voltage regulators and video RAM, or they can be on a separate card.

Then of course after Integrated and Discreet systems you have full blown laptop PCI-E cards, which can either be full desktop class cards, or mobile versions. Some ultra high end Clevo Core i7 laptops even have both Discreet/Integrated and a PCI-E card, allowing you to switch between the two for different applications!

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If you’re driving along and suddenly the “Check Diagnostics for Engine ECU at next stop” message appears in the dash infopanel, along with the CHECK indicator and the temperature gauge reading cold or just above cold, the engine temperature sensor has failed or is dirty and will need to be replaced.

Units Involved

The Engine ECU (EECU) and the Vehicle ECU (VECU) are involved in this process. The Engine ECU periodically checks the temperature sensor. The resistance readings are sent as a changing signal to the dash temperature tacho needle as the temperature decreases or increases, the signal power varies the needle position. After 5 or 10 minutes from cold start the engine ECU knows that the engine should be warm, so if it starts to get a completely cold reading after this time, sends a signal via the CAN (Controller Area Network) to the VECU which displays a message in the dash infopanel.

Cause Elimination

This fault should not be deemed to be the temperature sensor if only the temp needle is too low. The CHECK light and message MUST also be displayed. Otherwise, the tacho needle must be checked, and/or the signal from the VECU.

To check if the needle is faulty, turn off the bus engine and ignition completely, turning the starter to 0. Turn it to I to switch on the ignition and the needles should all do a full sweep of their dials to the right then return back to the left. Turning the starter to II will start the engine, all fuel and air dials should go to their operating positions, showing the correct fuel and air pressures. To check the turbocharger boost needle you will need to drive the bus on hard acceleration on a straight road. It will not move if the footbrake or airbrake is applied as the turbo only operates when the bus is moving in gear.

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After my failures with nVidia based laptops, I’ve given up on laptops for gaming. They’re just too expensive and proprietary. Now I have Lucy and her monster Radeon MSI HD6870 HAWK card, I don’t need to worry about gaming lappies any more. So, I’ve taken in a Toshiba Satellite A200 Core2Duo laptop that has just come from a customer. It’s had impact damage, it has fallen backwards off someone’s lap and the hinges have snapped, damaging the case and screen.

It needs new base plastics, touchpad/palmrest plastics, HDD caddy (the customer took it with the HDD) and complete set of screen hinges complete with VGA connector on the left hinge. The board works perfectly, luckily, so once she’s fixed up, she’ll be my mobile workmate. I have a screen, the old one isn’t smashed but the control board has taken a knock and has failed. As far as I can tell it has Intel graphics, but it’s only going to be used as a workstation, not gaming laptop.

Toshiba laptops are great. They’re quiet, powerful, and quite well built once all screwed together. Kassie has an A500 with Radeon HD4500 card, it’s as cool as a cucumber!

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Pete and I fixed one of these today as a callout. We actually fixed the customers computer, and mentioned that we fix consumer and white goods. She said her washer wasn’t working, it was flashing the Delay Start button’s light after running any programme for 3 minutes. The Nextra 7 is full of sensors, so we took a look for her.

The engineer invoked self-test programme was halting when the heaters were started. So, we checked the dryer elements and thermostat, they were fine. The washer tub elements were passing resistance tests. The motor was good, its brushes were clear and the commutator oiled nicely. Resistances were OK so we started to suspect the control board. This contains all the relays for the motor/heater start stop and motor polarity reverse, and the surface mount CPU and timer control IC. Luckily I have a board for one of these spare, as Kassie and I used to have one, so we tried that.

Still no luck. Now we’d checked motor, dryer heater element, washer tub heater element, dryer thermostat cutout switches and control board, plus the water inlet valve solenoid. Next thing was the wiring, or a bad ground. I loosened the wiring harness keeping the wiring away from the dryer fan on the left rear side of the chassis, and the problem made itself obvious to us!

One of the positive wires to the dryer heat channel thermostat was cut cleanly in half, trapped inside the metal harness! The harness was too tight, so when the tub/motor assembly moved on its suspension the wire was being chafed against the harness and it had sheared cleanly in two! We repaired the broken wire with a terminal joint, and all was like clockwork again!

The wiring inside a modern sensor washer dryer is all linked in series, like in a Volvo bus vehicle CAN (Controller Area Network) multiplex setup. Each system and sensor is wired together like a daisy chain, so a failure of the dryer heater or thermostat, for example, will affect the control board even in a cold rinse, as an open circuit is treated as a catastrophic failure, halting the machine in any program. The Nextra 7 uses LED flashes as fault codes, this particular fault was 10 flashes and 5 second pause.

Moral of theย  story? Use logical fault finding engineer knowledge. Try everything, start large, down to small. Motor, heater, pumps, control board, then sensors, manual reset thermoswitches, and all wiring. DON’T just do what idiots do on forums (“Oh, it’s the control board!!”) because that’s the stupid newb way of doing it!

And, if you replace an FRU resulting in the problem still occurring, put the old part back, and try something else. Never leave new parts in if they aren’t the cause of the fault, it is pointless cost for the customer, and wasteful, you end up with old used working parts in your van that could fail in the future if fitted somewhere else! This is the general way we do things in IT repair too, as well as consumer goods repair.

Common sense, really. Well, it is to me, I’ve always worked like that.

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Kassie sent me this picture of our newest girl to audition for us as a superheroine, from her 3rd studio in London. Tanya just looks so much like a doll, doesn’t she?

I love this costume because it shows the girls’ cute tummies and hourglass curves off just nicely! Tanya isn’t a permanent model yet, this was just her test audition. She knows what she’s in for, and has actually practised wrestling before, just not messy wrestling like she’ll be doing for our site, but she’s a try anything kinda girl! And she loves custard ๐Ÿ˜‰

Awww, she’s so cute, I think her and Shannon better fight it out to see who’s the strongest, because they’re both the cutest! That isn’t even Tanya’s real hair! Nope, it’s a wig! Tanya has lovely black hair! So far we have 4 girls who are with us for definite. We’re not starting the site until next year. In the meantime we’re designing the site internally and doing some test shoots and videos. I’m also going to be Superman in a few shoots, so we’re getting my outfit strengthened up and modified. Kassie, Her Ladyship, is in charge of who my first opponent will be. Probably her, in private, once her outfit is done, from what she’s been telling me, she wants to fight me messily first, as I am her boyfriend, but it won’t be public!

My first public opponent I hope will be Shannon, or Tanya if she stays with us, depends what the scriptwriters come up with for a storyline and if Tanya likes us enough….

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