The tailor has sent us a picture of what Kassie’s Supergirl outfit will be like once it is finished! He makes custom fancy dress costumes, but they are very expensive, as they are true to life, very accurate and precision made. Here’s what her outfit will look like, this is another he has made for a girl as petite as Kass:

She is going to look so sweet as Kassie-Zor-El! I’ve always wanted to see her as Supergirl, because to me she is my very own real life Supergirl, and this costume is perfect! She’s only tiny, 160cm tall (5ft 2″), so we had to have one custom made, all our other costumes are for much taller girls. The boots are being made last, and we have a waiting time of 3 months due to the tailor’s backlog, but it’s going to be well worth it.

This outfit is being made to withstand wrestling and getting messy, we told the tailor what our shoots on the new site are going to involve, but it still looks waaayy too cute to get dirty! I hope Shannon goes easy on Kass when she duels her in a gunge match for the first time! It’s the outfit I’m worried about, we all know Kassie can hold her own in wrestling, with her kick-ass Martial skills, so she might fight a little too eagerly!

I’ll just have to let my imagination run wild until the costume is done!

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