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I’ve always been a fan of Supergirl, Batgirl and other sexy heroines, and asked Kassie if she’d consider helping me set up and run a site. She jumped at the chance (I think she likes girls in costume!) and has a proper studio, photography equipment and a horde of female friends who coincidentally love cosplay! Kassie’s already recruited some eager ladies to be our sexy heroines! We’ve got Shannon, Lisa, and Rachel (nicknamed Raven) so far, but Kassie herself has volunteered to be Supergirl too, as well as photographer and prop/stunt engineer, once we get her costume made, I can’t wait to see her in it!

Here’s some preliminary pictures of one of the girls to whet your appetite. First up I can’t resist showing you Shannon Whittaker. She’s 19, from Berkshire. She’s a lively little lady, and couldn’t wait to get the costumes on to pose for us. She came to us through Facebook, she’s a friend of a friend of Kassie’s. She told us, “I love Supergirl, she’s so sexy, gentle, and she can fly!” I think even Helen Slater would be jealous of her in these costumes! NOTE: These pictures ARE PHOTOSHOPPED, I’ve been playing about with some studio filters for post-production. Kassie’s work is better than these, these are edited by me. First up, here she is as Supergirl, in two different outfits:

I love this one of her. She looks so sexy and confident, and is quite perky too, the costume was nice and tight πŸ™‚ If you ever need rescuing, leave me a message using my contact form and I’ll send her out to you πŸ˜‰ I can’t wait for Kassie to partner with her when her Supergirl costume is finally finished!! Next up is her in a Supergirl costume showing her cute little tummy off:

I’m quite attached to this little lady as a superheroine, she’s cute, very friendly, and has a great body. She’s actually quite strong too as she goes to the gym three times a week!

In our next picture she is in our Dark Supergirl costume, posing as Supergirl’s evil twin. Who, by the way, is cute, but very devious, she loves to fight dirty and messily, so she will fight very dirty in the heroine mud/gunge and food wrestling sets we have planned. Shannon looks so cute in this costume, her black outfit against the white snow, it was taken in Berkshire when the snow really hit the UK last year! We could even have snow playfights and wrestling episodes if it happens again! Our heroines are strong, they don’t feel ice or snow….. Dont be fooled when Shan is sweet in the red and blue good Supergirl outfit, because when she’s Dark Supergirl she’s a different lady altogether…

I am so glad I suggested this to Her Ladyship! She’s bisexual so I knew she’d love to do it, she also knows I love Supergirl, she loves to please me, but it isn’t just about me, not when you see what we have planned!

It’s going to be something different. Most run of the mill superheroine sites just have crappy comic strips and a few photos, it’s all just the same girl-kicks-bad-guy’s-butt. Not here it isn’t! We’re going to have:

  • Proper effects – Kassie is really good (a pro!) with Photoshop, and has done some really cool effects, wait till you see them!
  • Heroine Humiliation/Bondage – Our heroines will be chased, captured, tied up and bound, then humiliated by their bad evil rivals, with gunge, pies and paint. Those sexy outfits won’t stay clean for long, and the good heroines can break out of ropes, and join in giving as god as they get!!
  • Heroine Wrestling and fighting – The girls actually having disagreements, having fights with evil rivals and bad-girl female enemies, ending up MUD WRESTLING, JELLY/CUSTARD WRESTLING, and having FOOD FIGHTS! Supergirl really HATES her evil twin Dark Supergirl, and secretly loves to wrestle her into submission as messily as possible!! Even superheroines have WAM fetishes!
  • Chillout wrestling & messy sessions – The sexy heroines have to keep fit even as their civilian alter-egos! Their favourite way is to messy-wrestle and fight each other playfully having pillow fights! What else did you think a sexy heroine gets up to when she’s not in uniform?
  • Bad Guy gets butt kicked – We’ll have the usual bad guy/girl getting their ass kicked while trying to bring down the good heroines with Kryptonite and the aid of evil rivals. The sexy heroines will track down burglars, terrorists and other criminals.
  • The girls chilling in their outfits – Our heroines love their uniforms, and they love to relax in them. Checking emails, keeping their lair clean, even doing their exercises. Ever wanted to see to sexy uniformed heroines having a cute pillow fight? With Tido and Kass you will, because even we love to pillow-fight each other to wake up!

We have a big budget with Kass being a businesswoman, so we can afford camera/stunt/prop equipment and all the gunge, food and stuff we need for the fight and wrestling bits, it is very expensive. Most other sites are run on very low budgets by enthusiasts, Kassie is a professional photographer with a modelling & video studio, and a budget as big as her lovely warm heart. Awwww, I just came out with that! And meant every word πŸ™‚

Just imagine Supergirl actually mud wrestling with the Dark Supergirl, her evil twin, and you’ll see what we’re getting at. It’s a niche in the market, so to speak. Me and Kass love WAM, and thought we’d mix the superheroine genre in with it a little. I can’t wait for my Kassie in her Supergirl costume having gunge fights with Catgirl, meeee-owww…..!

(Here follows a possible SPOILER storyline) I’m tempted to get my Superman costume on and have a “disagreement” with Supergirl (Kara Zor-El is Superman’s cousin, in my case it’ll be Kassie-Zor-El!) and challenge her to a jelly & custard wrestling session after she accuses me of being weak and not strong enough to see who the winner is! We all know Kass is a Martial Arts instructor so she’ll be busting some kick-ass moves in the slop, and she’ll win! I don’t mind losing a fight to my sweet girlfriend, I can get my revenge after the shoot ends and the cameras turned off πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰

It’ll be well worth the Β£30 a month subscription fee we have planned!

We’re definitely not going to be like the piss-poor sites like SuperSexyHeroines.com where the owner makes promises then never delivers, or makes you wait for months for updates where you’re paying for nothing, and looking at the same old boring kick guy’s butt stuff. We have the budget, equipment, in-house tailors, and we’re planning to pre-shoot sets and videos before announcing them to avoid all that upset. All the girls are going to be working paid models, they will sign modelling contracts and be paid full model’s wages, they’re not just doing it for fun. Wait and see!

It’s going to be sexy and sensual, not smutty. No topless or nude or sexual scenes, that’s not what WAM (Wet and Messy) or the superhero(ine) genres are about, even combined.

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