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She’s due an upgrade in the graphics department, I’ve had the old Radeon HD4650 installed for 2 and a half years now, it still runs GTA and all my kind of games, but with detail turned down.

So, given that she’s been upgraded with a Core 2 Quad processor, I thought it good that she be equipped with a graphics card to take advantage of the better processor. I’ve found the MSI Radeon HD6870 HAWK 1GB to be perfect!

This awesome card’s specs are:

Cores: 1120
Core Clock: 930 MHz
Shader Clock:
Memory: 1GB
Memory Bit Rate: 256 Bit
Memory Type: GDDR5
Memory Clock: 4200 MHz

Lucy’s current 4650 only runs at 400MHz stock, and I’ve managed to get nearly 600MHz out of it from overclocking, so this new card will be awesome! The HAWK is factory overclocked to 930MHz from the Radeon 68xx reference clock of 900, some people have managed to get 1.17GHz out of it!! The newer HD6900 cards only run at 830MHz, and they’re £549!! They have faster memory clocks, and a lot more memory, but I’d rather have a higher core clock to start as the main core is what does all the work, and the faster it runs, the faster stuff gets done!

This card even has a set of voltage test points for electrical engineer guys like me who like to monitor voltages while the card is running, for overclock stability monitoring, stuff like that. It also has a switch to switch between Silent and Performance mode, which in turn reduces core clock from 900MHz to 930MHz, and fan speeds from Low to High respectively, and even on High it is quiet. The card has two BIOS’es , one for each mode, meaning you can overclock the Performance BIOS and still have the Silent mode stock for when you’re not gaming, which was the seller for me!

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Today is Kassie’s 32nd birthday! Awww, it doesn’t feel like she is 32, she certainly doesn’t look it, all cute and petite, with her silky smooth lovely skin, she still looks 18!

Happy birthday, my dear sweetheart! We’ve been together 8 years, even having recently split up as a couple we both realise we’re so deeply in love it’s a mistake not to try to work things out, we both want to get back together, as a threesome, me, her and Mika.

Today I will suggest it becomes reality, I love that lil lady to the end of the universe and back a million times, I honestly can’t live without her! I’ve been with her since she was 22, and I was 17/18!

Love you forever, Kassie. You’ll always be my baby doll, even when you’re 90 xxxx

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