I went to watch Amy, an ex Woodhill LFC player and friend of Rikku playing footie in Stockport. She’s taught me skills with Rikku in footie kickabouts, and I’ve gotta say she’s really powerful, quick, she wears her kit really well, and looks really hot too, as this action shot I took explains:


She’s the one in white, and her opponent is looking hot too, plus defeated, and rightly so, as the ball went in after this photo was shot! That look of pure concentration on Amy’s face says it all. Don’t be fooled by those lovely slender legs, they hold a lot of power, she’s kicked me with them several times in matches, and she hurts!

Even Kassie was jumping up and down screaming for her! I remember how sexy K looked in that match with Hopwood last year, my cute Japanese babe learning footie showing off her trademark silky pins… Awww! Hehe, she got quite muddy (and giggly!) really quick, she wasn’t used to running fast in football boots on a muddy slippery pitch! We were watching Amy and I reminded Kas of that day, she giggled cheekily!

Cute, but not to be messed with when adrenaline fueled and in charge of a ball, that’s a girl footie player summed up!

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