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Recovering from disaster isn’t easy…

Following the recent disaster in Japan, Kassie’s brought her family down here to live for a while, all 14 of them, her 7 sisters, 3 brothers, her dad Tetsuya and her mum Midori and two cousins from the worst hit … Continue reading

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Chill day

I went to watch Amy, an ex Woodhill LFC player and friend of Rikku playing footie in Stockport. She’s taught me skills with Rikku in footie kickabouts, and I’ve gotta say she’s really powerful, quick, she wears her kit really … Continue reading

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I think the “nVidia Defect” has been blown way out of proportion!

While researching the GPU problems with my new P55IM, I’ve seen a lot of nonsense on the internet about it, mainly a forum called that seeks to blame retailers, manufacturers and nVidia. Everyone’s saying it is Sony this, or … Continue reading

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The reason my laptop luck ran out…

My Clevo M670 died recently. The graphics RAM went bad. The display would go corrupted just after the “Starting Windows” screen, but it would run fine in Safe Mode and normal if I first booted into Safe and removed the … Continue reading

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How to look after laptops!

I’ve never had a laptop fail on me, ever, until recently. I look after them by: A. Keeping the brightness as low as possible to keep the inverter running (a common failure on laptops, because the higher the brightness, the … Continue reading

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