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Yesterday was supposed to be a geeky day, I decided to spend it with Ada while she taught me how to set up a Linux server. Instead it turned into a frantic data recovery day! I took my laptop to her place, and two of my external laptop hard drives. Clearing one off on to the other, the Fujitsu 40GB SATA I was copying to started shutting down and spinning up again, getting worse every few minutes. “Shit”, I thought,”The spindle driver’s failing!”. So I left it, and the data still seemed to be copying OK.

Then by a cruel twist of fate, Ada crawled under the desk to plug in her Ethernet switch, and accidentally dragged my hard drive off the desk onto the floor. Now the drive is full of bad sectors, and my data, most of which is corrupted, is unrecoverable. I spent the next 4 hours running HDD Regenerator on it, and then GetDataBack, to see what I could get back. Luckily, most of the stuff I did a deleted file recovery from the old drive I’d copied it to the Fujitsu from, and got it back. There’s just some stuff that was transferred from my iPod I don’t think I can recover, as it was a while ago. The sickening thing is some of it were some naughty piccies of Her Ladyship & Mika, that I’m not sure I have duplicates of.

Oh, f**k. That’s the last time I use a Fujitsu hard drive. It’s the 5th one to die on me. Now all Fujitsu drives in my posession are going to DIIIIIEEEEEE!!!!! with a large lump hammer once they’re backed up to a Western Digital!!

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As I thought, I’m aching like crazy, but want to do it all again. I need to learn not to throw myself about as much when goalkeeping. My shins are killing me, why I didn’t wear my shinpads is beyond me, I suppose I didn’t expect Louise to be so fast and fierce at tackling, as I’ve never played against her before, only watched her play! The wrestling bit at the end was admittedly the sexiest and fun bit, as how often does a woman footie player let you wrestle her, while in her kit after a game, in the mud?

Wrestling at the end of games has really been a tradition for me, as our muddy footie and rugby lessons at school always used to end with us all just slopping about throwing each other into the slop. Our school pitch was on a hill, and we always had to run round the perimeter before and after games, and, yup, you guessed it, mud time! I remember one rugby lesson, it was really sloppy, we were on our run before the match. I ended up being the first to be thrown in the mud by the guys, having them jump on me and whizz me round in it by my feet!! Coming back to where the teacher was, Mr. Threlfall said, “Blimey Jamie, the game hasn’t even started and you look like you’ve done 6 matches already!!” I still laugh and chuckle about it today, as the guys did that day in our little circle round the teacher.

I’ve always been a big kid, loved mud, and always enjoyed putting the two together. Why not?  In rugby you always get dirty anyhow, as it’s a contact sport, and it kinda made me like the sport even more than football. That was the first stage. Playing footie with Rikku and her ladies team years later, back last year enhanced it. Women are cute, and they’re cuter in sport, in their kits. Call it a discovered fetish, I’m not ashamed of it, at all. I now prefer sport with women, because it’s sexy, and women are human too (and nowhere near as wimpy and as unfaithful as Premiership male footballers. Yeah, you, Shrek (Sorry, ahem, Rooney, I got you confused there).

If any hot blooded straight males tell me hot footie & rugby babes in their kits, getting stuck into a game and the mud that comes with it (and each other sometimes, they’re vicious when pissed off mixed with adrenaline!!) isn’t one of the hottest things ever, you’re not a bloke, probably because you’re egotistical & hypocritical, and think women are only good for housework, which after my experiences in life, is so so soooo untrue. You should try playing soccer with them, it’s H-O-T. Even lesbian and bisexual women play football & rugby……wow!….!!

Sorry, got carried away….again! Louise is up for more training sessions, and I’ve asked her to bring some other ex-Woodhill players with her for next time, Lisa the cute blonde angel Woodhill captain still hasn’t taken my offer of a match up, she’s been busy, but hopefully she might soon. We just need a pitch with showering facilities, I can’t invite them home from our lodge pitch to shower, as much as that would be very nice to do…

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I did some mini footie training today, because I was bored. Louise, one of the players from Woodhill LFC, Rikku’s old ladies team, emailed me a few days ago to say she now lives in the Radcliffe area, and did I fancy a kickabout on the lodge playing fields? I couldn’t refuse, so I got ready and went down to the New Farm playing fields on the lodge near my parents and Jenny’s houses. There’s no changing or showering facilities, so I had to get my kit on at my parents, and put my boots on when I got to the field. And then, as it has been raining quite a lot, had to come back in my muddy kit, which was dirtier and wetter than I’d expected! Jenny came along to watch, she doesn’t have any kit, and didn’t want to play

Louise is a really good footie babe, and she put me through my paces. It’s been a few years since she played for Woodhill, but she’s still as powerful as she was when I used to watch her and Rikky’s team play in Prestwich. It was really windy today, and we were using a light training ball. We did goalkeeping, and tackling, and then some general chasing each other round the field, getting as dirty as possible! Goalkeeping was the dirtiest, though. She’d boot the ball at me in goal, and the wind would accelerate the ball, and throw it off course, making me dive further to catch it. The pitch had recently been used, and whoever used it last had left it nice and muddy for me in goal. Yippee!

Tackling was painful, and muddy, as I’d forgotten to put my shinpads on, silly me! Lou would kick the ball to me, and the wind would carry it away, right into a puddle as I went to stop it with my foot. Out of habit (and admittedly on purpose!) I’d try to stop it from the top of the ball, and because it was wet, I’d slip and fall over, getting quite wet. My boots were squelching within minutes, but my studs kept my grip in the mud and wet really well. As soon as I’d get up, Lou would be on me, getting the ball back, and trying to get me back in the mud again!

Then we both got bored, and decided to just run around slide tackling each other to see who could get the muddiest, and who could make Jenny laugh the most. Louise had her shinpads on, so I don’t think she felt the tackles from me as much, but she certainly fell as much as me. After about 30 minutes, we decided to get even dirtier, and turn the game into Soccer Wrestling, and started wrestling each other, much to the amusement of two rather cute ladies who were walking their dog on the perimeter, and stopped to watch us in our kits, wrestling the hell outta each other!! I didn’t know they were there until I heard giggles and a wolf whistle (that weren’t Jen!), looked at Jenny and realised she was looking at the girls who’d appeared!

One of the girls made us really laugh by shouting, “I should try this next time my boyfriend upsets me!” She must have thought Lou and I were a couple!! I shouted back, “Come and join in, ladies, it’s fun and very therapeutic!! Relate is nothing compared to it!”

This was the result of the day! Not the muddiest, as the water puddles washed lots of mud off me! Jenny got me with the camera after I’d come back to get changed! I wanted Louise to come back and shower at my parents, but she didn’t bring clothes with her, and we didn’t take a camera to the pitch so I didn’t get a picture of her, sadly.

I’ve enjoyed football with ladies so much I don’t want to play with guys anymore! Women are so much cuter getting stuck in, it really does become the Sexy Game! I’m absolutely shattered, and will sleep like a log tonight, hopefully while re-living it all!

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I decided that today would be a day of chilling, in a geek way, for Ada and me, catching up on each other’s gossip. We’ve been discussing possible improvements to the datacentre, she’s noticed a few areas of improvment for cluster speed. She’s helped me get some old work finished, I had a backlog of machines I needed to get finished, and I showed her the ropes in my workshop for when she helps out.

I’ve also been working on a breadboard MP3 player. I’m sick of the monopolising companies like Apple, so decided to build my own MP3 player, on a breadboard (an electrical one, the test boards with holes in), and have put together bits from various players. Chips (HDD controller, screen, cache, etc), a screen, hard disk, and switches, all wired together on a massive breadboard with wires instead of a PCB, the way designers do it before making everything onto a PCB. I’ve pulled bits from players that support RockBox, so I can recode it and customise it once it is finished. I’ve had trouble getting everything to co-operate and the code to run smoothly, I’ve had to edit PIC controller code and reflash, too.

Ada’s helping with that. She’s a programmer, like Kassie, but not in all languages. Ada specializes in PIC microcontroller code, she did them at school and Uni. She’s going to study my schematics, and get the RockBox software cannibalised and re-engineered to make it work. Being a Linux chick, I think she’ll be the software brains behind my project, and I’ll concentrate on hardware. She wants to bolt in bits from other open source programs too, to make it bigger and more fexible than the stock RockBox. We’ve spent most of this morning and early afternoon scribbling ideas about what we should do. Bits to scrap, bits to rewrite, bits to include.

It’s a shame, and it hurt me when the thought hit me, but Kassie just isn’t there for me anymore when I need her, and it looks like Ada might be her replacement. I’ve been thinking a lot about the relationship between Kassie, Mika and me, and Kassie’s constant trips home, and her always working, the realization hit me last night that I don’t think it’s working anymore. Mika’s sudden upping and offing to Tokyo hurt me, as when her and Kassie were in Tokyo together she never once came to see me, and it’s all bugging the hell outta me, because I love them both so much. The time when I left KJC to be with Kassie more, after she moaned I wasn’t spending time with her, only for her to start her Martial Arts academy and only come home at 10pm every night really insulted me. We rowed furiously, and she nearly drove me away to Rikku, Rikky and I nearly slept together one night because I was so frustrated, and she’s so loving and attentive. I’d gone to stay with her for a while, and we got a little too close, luckily I snapped out of it at the right time.

I’ve known and loved Kassie for 8 years, and I think I’d rather stay friends with her than fall out hating each other. I’m thankful for the memories, the sweet lovemaking, and the laughs, she’s been the best soulmate a guy can ask for. I’m going to wait until her and Mika are back with me together, and we’re going to have a big heart to heart about it all, because I’ve realised something isn’t right, and it needs sorting before it gets worse.

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She really knows what she’s doing! I had her in the datacentre sorting out a Linux cluster, as it crashed at 4am in the morning on Bank Holiday Monday. A RAID array cluster had failed, and crashed the servers. She had the array rebuilt and CRC checked within 3 hours. All the centre team were on holiday (naturally, it was a Bank Holiday) and the Linux guys had gone away for the weekend.

She was a bit annoyed, but as soon as I mentioned Kassie would pay her double overtime, she cheered up. I also mirrored our home rack servers to some of the new servers while she was there, and that went perfectly.

Ada is one lady who will never be scared of cron jobs, or terminals…. and it is really kinda cute! Just don’t say “Apple iMac!” in front of her, she’ll eat you alive….

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