I played rugby again today, quite a while after my match with the guys. This time it was with Rikky and a group of girlfriends she plays footie with. It was rainy, very rainy, and muddy. I was teaching them, too (what I know) as only 3 of the ladies had rugby skills. The pitch we used was a public one, and it was a muddy mess, having been used just this morning for a school football match. Public pitches owned by councils are always like swamps in winter in the UK, but that’s how I love my rugby. Fast, furious, with women, and as muddy and wet as possible. Rikku is a lot stronger than I ever thought, as I found out in a scrum, and several tackles. Teaching her front and rear tackles (ooeerr, missy!) was something I’ll never forget in a while! She floored me, hard, nearly burying me alive in the slop.

If my cute 5ft 9′ slim Canadian ladyfriend is anything to go by, if I ever play rugby with beefy rugby chicks, remind me to be very afraid! I always though she lifted bus wheels with ease working with me in the garage at her company. She is stronger than I ever even thought, even after our months of football with the Hopwood LFC girls. She’s strong at foot tackling, but actual bodily tackling… Wow. I’ll never forget how scared I was seeing her charging at me the fourth and fifth time. Even how cute she looked in her Woodhill training kit covered in mud didn’t cross my mind. I’m starting to think she may have a Supergirl outfit under her clothes, sometimes! She would be VERY cute then, absolutely! A nice tight Spandex one and long cape, like in the UltraSexyHeroines pics I’ve posted in the past…. Heaven….

Tonight, though, we have a test that might switch the scarediness on to her, and that certainly wasn’t on her PSV test criteria…. She wants to branch Matsuki Transport out into doing nightclub runs, limo and driver hire. So to prepare her, and seriously test her driving saintness, me and a group of guys from my Stretford Saints gang are gonna get ourselves nicely merried up with booze, and see how she drives a double decker bus filled with loud, friendly, drunk merry people. I’ve done it, with people I didn’t know, and it does test your concentration, a lot. I’m not sure how she’d handle any unruly passengers in a club bus, but I suppose we’ll have to hire bouncers to boot idiots off at the roadside. Now that would be funny if legal to do!

We’ll need to test her other drivers, but only if she doesn’t leap out of the idea. That, and I still haven’t finished her test club bus conversion. I wish we’d bought a scrapper Olympian, instead of the brand new £130,000 Volvo B9TL double decker she chose, of her own will, given the choice of old or new, she chose new! Well, Rikky being Rikky, and a lady, she wouldn’t buy old used shoes, would she? That was what she said, not me!

Awwww. Sporty chicks, geeky chicks, bus driver chicks, Asian chicks. I love them all to bits!

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