Programming the Optima is done entirely with the keypad. You can change all aspects of the system, such as user code, entry and exit time, bell on time. There are two programming modes, Engineer Programming mode, and Customer Programming mode. Below are the things you can change in each mode.

NOTE: You cannot enter any Programming Mode if the system is stuck in a Tamper or Attack event. Clear these before doing so. Tamper locks the system out completely until cleared, the keypad will not respond. Check for open Zone tampers on PIR’s and contacts, and rectify. Call a professional alarm engineer if in doubt, or leave me a note using my Contact form to the left sidebar.

Engineer Programming Mode

Things the Engineer can change: Exit Time, Entry Time, Bell Time, and Reset to Factory Conditions (cannot be done unless the codes are known, if you’ve lost the codes, perform an NVM reset. See the very bottom of my article). Please note that the Engineer Code is fixed at 9999 and CANNOT be changed without a specialist EEPROM re-program.

To enter Engineer Programming mode, the system must be in Day mode, with the system unarmed and the Power and Day LED’s lit.

1. Press PROG. All LED’s on the panel will illuminate.

2. Enter the Customer Code. The Day and Tamper LED’s will illuminate.

3. Press PROG again, and enter the engineer code, 9999. The Day and Attack LED’s will light. The system is now in Engineer Programming mode.

NOTE: To exit Programming Mode after making changes, press RESET twice. The system then goes back to Day mode.

Exit Time:

1. Press 1. The Zone 1 & Zone 2 LED’s will light.

2. Enter the time required in 10 second increments, divided by 10.

Eg. 10 seconds รท 10 = 1 so enter 01

20 seconds = 02

30 seconds = 03

3. After entering the two digits the Day and Attack LED’s will illuminate again.

Entry Time:

1. Press 2. The Zone 1 and Zone 2 LED’s light up.

2. Enter the required time as with Exit Time above.

3. The Day and Attack LED’s show once more.

Bell Time:

1. Press 3. Zone 1 and Zone 2 LED’s illuminate.

2. Enter the required time in minutes:

01 = 1 minute

20 = 20 minutes

99 = Maximum 99 minutes

00 = No bell stop

NOTE: To conform with Noise Pollution regulations it is recommended that no more than 15 or 20 minutes be programmed.

Reset to Factory Conditions:

From Engineer Programming mode, pressing the SET button returns the system to Day and factory set codes and timers will be set, as below:

Factory Defaults:

Default User/Customer Code: 0123

Engineer Code: 9999 (Cannot EVER be changed by ordinary end users or engineers only by software engineers like myself with the correct equipment)

Entry Time: 20 seconds

Exit Time: 20 seconds

Bell Time: 20 minutes

To exit Engineer Programming mode, press RESET twice. The system will now go back into Day mode.

Customer Programming Mode

Things you can change: Code change, Alarm Memory Recall, Alarm Tests (Bell test, Strobe test, Low/High volume sounder test, and Walk test (zone test)

To get into Customer Programming, make sure the system is in Day mode, with the system unarmed, and the Power and Day indicators lit.

1. Press PROG. All LED’s will illuminate.

2. Enter your user code. The Day and Tamper LED’s will illuminate. The system is now in Customer Programming mode. To change any aspect, see below.

NOTE: To exit Programming Mode after making changes, press RESET twice. The system then goes back to Day mode.

Code Change:

1. Press 8. The four Zone LED’s will illuminate.

2. Enter your new code. The system beeps twice, and the Day and Tamper LED’s will light up

Alarm Memory Recall:

1. Press MEM. The last alarm will now be displayed for 5 seconds. The Day and Tamper LED’s will illuminate.

Alarm Tests:

1. Press 0. The Day, Tamper and Attack LED’s illuminate. The system is now in the Test routine.

Strobe Test: Press 2. Press 0 to stop the test.

Bell Test: Press 3. Press 0 to stop the test.

Low & High Volume Sounder Test: This tests the volume of the internal control panel speaker. Press 4 to perform the Low Volume test, and 2-4 to perform the High Volume test. Press 0 to stop the test.

Walk Test: Press 5 to start the test. Walk around the premises, opening each zone. The system will beep each time a door is opened, PIR triggered, or pressure mat stepped on, and the relevant Zone LED will illuminate. Press 0 to stop the test.

To exit Customer Programming mode, press RESET twice. The system will now go back into Day mode.

Performing NVM Reset

The codes set during programming are stored in an area of Non-Volatile Memory (NVM), which retains its settings even if the power is removed from the system. These can be reset to factory defaults (see Engineer Reset above for the codes) by following this procedure:

1. Disconnect the mains power, either by removing the fuse of the in-line spur (if fitted) or at the main junction box.

2. Remove the control panel cover. If the system battery is operational, the system will go into a full alarm condition as you’ve opened the control panel tamper switch. If not, it will stay silent. Also, when you remove the battery, if the bell box has an internal battery, the bell may operate on its own. This is normal tamper protection.

3. Remove the wires from terminals 9 and 19 (9 is one of Zone 4 wires and 19 is Set +ve) making notes as to where they go. Place a wire jumper in terminals 9 and 19, linking them together.

4. Apply mains power (you can use the battery but it is best to use mains depending on the age and condition of the battery). The system will now have a reset NVM, and have factory settings applied. The Tamper and Attack indicators will be lit, and the system is in Self Test mode, showing any faulty/open zones. Fix as necessary, if necessary! Switch off mains.

5. Remove the wire jumper from 9 and 19, replace original wiring, refit battery (will go into Alarm if the battery’s good!) and cover. Silence the alarm with 0123 once the cover tamper is closed, then enter whichever Programming mode you wish to re-program the codes etc.

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20 Responses to “Programming the Optima XM”
  1. Simon Anderson says:

    Hi, I have been reading you comprehensive guide to re-setting the Optima XM alarm system.

    We have a house which we rent out and our previous tenant has changed the alarm code and now says they have forgotten what it is !

    The alarm was working fine and although an old system, I don’t see the point in changing it at this stage.

    It is an Optima XM 4 zone, so am I correct that if I follow your instruction to reset the No Volatile Memory, I will be back to where it was when first connected, assuming it still works correctly?


    • Tidosho says:

      Yes, it goes back to factory defaults. You’ll need to set a new user code. The Engineer code of 9999 CANNOT be changed, it’s permanently hardcoded.

  2. Peter says:

    Hi. Will this process to reset the NVM work for my optima 2 plus. Thank you

    • Tidosho says:

      Hiya Peter,

      The sequence is slightly different for the Optima 2+. Follow these steps:

      You can reset to factory conditions by

      1. Press Prog
      2. enter 9999 to get in Engineer mode
      3. press Set twice
      4. press Reset twice.

      the panel will default to customer code 0123.

      Good luck!

  3. Marc says:

    Hi peter
    Will the nvw process be the same on a optima xm6 sytem thanks

  4. Andy says:

    Hi peter

    I have recently moved my control panel by connecting wires to lengthen etc. I am almost certain we got everything right because we meteclausly labeled all wires.
    When we re connected power it all went off and our code silenced it. But it’s stuck in attack mode straight after. We have tried linking 9 & 19 but nothing seems to get it out of attack mode. Would you have any ideas to what we could try? Thanks in advance Andy

    • Tidosho says:


      Attack is for personal attack buttons (also known as panic buttons) all buttons on the system wire to the same two terminals. It is wired between 9 & 10 (sandwiched between Zone 4 and Tamper terminals), if none is fitted there should be a jumper there otherwise the Attack light will stay on. The procedure for terminals 9 & 19 is an NVRAM reset procedure. Put a jumper link (or piece of wire) between 9 & 10, the attack light will go out.

  5. James says:

    Hi, I’ve just moved into a property (never used alarm systems before) with a Optima XM6 Alarm system installed. I have the old code which I think works but I’ve tried to change it and I put in the new 4 digit code and zone 1 to zone 4 lit up and stayed lit up with no 2 beeps. Stupid me thought pressing the set button would set the new code and now the tamper is lit up. What do I do now?

  6. Ricky says:

    Hi, I’m wondering if you can help? I’ve just moved into a new house which was previously let out to multiple tenants and I assume at some point the code has been changed and forgotten. I decided to have a go at fixing the alarm which is currently powered down. I was going to follow the NVRAM reset procedure but someone has clearly been there before me as the jumpers are already in place. The problem I have is that I have no idea where the original wires should be as I did remove them. The loose wires are RED, BLACK, WHITE, BLUE, YELLOW and GREEN. Which terminals should these be attached to?

    Thanks in advance…


    • Tidosho says:

      Hi Richard,

      It’s really hard to say, without being there with you to trace them back, as different engineers use different colour coded cables. When an alarm is installed, a competent engineer should label the wire bunches to ease service. This obviously hasn’t been done.

      I’d let your landlord/landlady know, because if it’s been done by the previous tenant, it’s a breach of a tenancy agreement to tamper with the property security system, and you yourself shouldn’t really be doing it. It’s the landlord’s responsibility to arrange for an engineer.

  7. Kelly says:

    Hi we have a optima xm – never used it (code Unknown), randomly started alarming! Went to do full reset however no wire in 19, am I right in thinking if we just connect a positive wire to this and run to 9 it will have same effect. We have somehow managed to shut the damn thing up but obviously needs to be sorted properly. The only light on when it was going off was the ‘power’ light which I thought was rather odd, could it likely be a fault?
    Any advise would be great, thanks!

    • Tidosho says:

      Hi Kelly,

      Was the alarm going off with all zones closed (all doors shut, etc)? The behaviour you describe with just the Power light on is normal in that case.


  8. Max says:

    Hi Tishodo,
    I have an Optima XM6 that is working. I am doing some electrical work and isolated the ‘downstairs lighting circuit’ but I now find that the alarm is powered by that circuit!! Obviously the alarm bell box sounds when I cut the power so I was wondering if there is any way to program the bell box to not sound while the power is off to the alarm. (A bit embarrassing as I am the neighbourhood watch coordinator and will get some grief about this!)

    Thanks for your response.

    • Tidosho says:

      Hi Max,

      Usually an SCB (Self Contained Bell) cannot be externally controlled, it’s designed to keep sounding if the main control panel is smashed up by an intruder, in worse case scenario, as they will try anything to shut them up!

      I can’t give specifics as I don’t know how the system is wired up exactly. The system panel battery should stop the alarm going off in a power cut, it should stay in Day mode, so it sounds like that should be replaced first. The only other way to stop it happening is to remove the battery from the bell box. I know how annoying it can be, we get enough alarms going off during power cuts!

  9. Max says:

    Sorry I should have addressed you as Tidosho, many apologies.


    • Tidosho says:

      Hi Max,

      Don’t worry about it. Tidosho is only my Internet name, you can call me James. Typos happen, I didn’t even notice till you pointed it out ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Max says:

    Many thanks Tidosho (James) for confirming what I suspected. Never mind, I’ll just apologise to my neighbours for the noise while I do the work.

  11. Eric says:

    Hi I have optima xm, I know the code for the alarm. Recently I got my wooden front door and Windows replaced with double glazed Windows and doors while the work was in progress the alarm was set off. It was when the chaps were removing the front door frame. So I input the code and the alarm stopped. However the alarm is now permanently stuck on tamper.

    The chaps put the alarm sensor back in the new front door frame which is UPVC.

    I don’t know how to get rid of the tamper light. Any advice??? Do I unset the system and reset it again?

    • Tidosho says:

      Hi Eric,

      It sounds like they haven’t rewired the front door magnets properly, or the wiring for the tamper on them is open. They aren’t insured to actually fix any problems, so you’ll have to try it yourself, or if you’re not confident, get an engineer out. The half of your sensor which has screws in the top is the half you want. Unscrew them, and the magnet will come away from the door.

      Flip it over, you’ll see some terminals. Two are for the reed switch in the sensor (the bit that opens when the magnet is near it), you’ll see metal legs coming from the screws and there’ll be another two that are tied together (not literally, they’ll be screwed into terminals that are linked), these are your tampers. Different magnets can vary with terminals.

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