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When I reported that the sad demented Sony fanbois were up in arms over Sony’s recent removal of the Other OS feature from the PS3, they’ve now taken it a step further, and have gathered together like sad little girls (an insult to little girls!) to bring together a Class Action lawsuit against Sony.

But, there’s one big thing they’ve forgotten. More on that later. First, here’s the case details, from Kotaku:

In early April, Sony issued a new software update for the PlayStation 3 that eliminated the option to install an alternate operating system, like Linux, to the console. Now, a California man is suing Sony Computer Entertainment over the change.PlayStation 3 firmware 3.21—a mandatory update—went live on April 1, removing the “Install Other OS” feature present in the original version of the console. Sony Computer Entertainment reps said the decision to eliminate the feature was “due to security concerns,” that dropping a secondary operating system would “help ensure that PS3 owners will continue to have access to the broad range of gaming and entertainment content from SCE and its content partners on a more secure system.”

Plaintiff Anthony Ventura takes issue with that decision in a suit filed against SCEA in a North District of California court. The suit filed on his behalf believes the change “reflected Sony’s concerns that the Other OS feature might be used by ‘hackers’ to copy and/or steal gaming and other content.”

“Sony’s decision to force users to disable the Other OS function was based on its own interest and was made at the expense of its customers,” reads the complaint.

The class action suit was brought on behalf of “a nationwide class of all persons who purchased a PS3 during the period November 17, 2006 and March 27, 2010 and who did not resell their PS3” during that time.

The suit claims that the “Install Other OS” function was “extremely valuable.” According to the suit, the plaintiff he has not yet installed the latest firmware update so that he can continue to use the Other OS feature. The suit also notes that PS3 owners who choose not to update their firmware cannot access the PlayStation Network, play PS3 games online, nor can they play new games or Blu-ray videos that require firmware 3.21.

Ventura’s suit against the PlayStation maker seeks “damages for Plaintiff and each class member, including but not limited to compensatory damages; restitution; injuctive relief; attorneys’ fees; and the cost of this suit.” Specific sums are not listed, although court documents note “the amount in controversy is in excess of $5 million.”

You sad little morons! You need to go out and get a life, and a ladyfriend. There’s better hardware than the PS3 that can run Linux, I’m talking quad core processors? Core i7? You like spending loads of money on rubbish, buy something decent, for once!

But, there’s one thing these people have forgotten, that will probably get this thrown out of court. If you’ve ever read a user manual, have you noticed the line that says, “Specifications and design subject to change without notice“?

Hmm, thought not. It means that a device designer and manufacturer are legally allowed to change, improve and remove features as they see fit, and they DON’T have to consult customers. That includes firmware, Ventura.

Heh, let’s see how far you get now….. Out of millions, the one that starts legal action is a typical thick Californian. Americans are all the same!

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I found her on DeviantArt. Her name is ~B-eckiee, and she has got to be the one that Tetsuya Nomura modelled Vanille from! She is the cutest! Take a look at her!

This is the image of her I’ve chosen to make a TideLog header from, so watch out for her. The headers are random (you could cheat by clicking the header to refresh it!), but I’m sure she’ll light TL up!

Isn’t she a sweetheart! As some of her fans have said, I envy anyone who knows her in real life! She’s an angel!

This next pic really made my heart flutter. If she was looking straight at you like this, how could you resist giving her a cuddle?

The next one is rather small. It would have been better high res, as it shows her gorgeous legs and bod off. If they ever made a film about Final Fantasy 13, she should play Dia!

I can’t seem to find any cosplayers who’ve played Lightning, but if I do, I’ll give them a showcase here on TideLog! We love cosplay babes!

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That final match was it for me. My training with the ladies actually lasted longer than it should, it should have only been for 4 months, it was nearly 6. It’s also Rikky’s final week with Hopwood, too :(. The team captain is coming back from Maternity leave next week, so today is her final team training match, at 6pm, and then she’s got her final match on Friday.

That, then, is it for both of us. Rikky has asked me to play with her and her group of friends in her social team, but it’ll only be occasionally. As for Rik starting her own team, I know she still wants to do it, but time isn’t on her side, as she’s busy running MT. I’ve warned her about overworking herself too, I don’t want another episode where she loses too much weight again, like in 2006. I’m keeping a close eye on her, to keep her a cute perky lady 🙂 Why do women lose weight easily, yet I’ve been exercising my butt off, for months, running up and down football pitches, and haven’t visibly shed any? I thought playing footie with women might have helped, but it darn well didn’t!

Me, well, I get my Sundays back, and as long as Mika’s home every Sun, it shouldn’t be too hard getting back into a “relaxing” Sunday schedule!

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From the way the news were reporting it, it was as though only the airlines were losing out! How about the travel firms that shuttle people to the airports? Like Rikku, for example? Things have been difficult for us! I don’t think I’ve ever seen Matsuki Transport so busy!

She ferried at least 200 – 300 people to various airports last week, just before the ban came into play. Manchester, Birmingham, and Heathrow. On Sunday, she had several people contact her support line, asking to be brought back home early. So, out of goodwill, she and her support guys rang almost every single one of her passengers from last week, offering to bring them home, as we didn’t know how long the ban would last. Days, months?

She even offered full refunds, which must have cost her at least £200,000, about the same cost as our new executive coach, which she swallowed gracefully. Add to that the cost of diesel, having drivers in all weekend, and the cost of having me and a couple other engineers in the workshop all weekend (she offered to pay me to help!) to keep the coaches she was using maintained and fuelled after each run to avoid problems.

It was busy and hectic weekend, that lasted until Tuesday! Nature can be your best friend, and worst enemy!!

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I owe Erwin, one of my Dutch readers, a lot! When I reported that my M670 wouldn’t run iPC Mac OS X 10.5.6, I thought it was the end of the road, as I’d tried all possible combinations, all of which resulted in the “Still waiting for root device” message, and that because most of the distros are the same. To cut a long story short, Erwin suggested I try 10.5.7, by iDeneb.

It worked a real treat! The graphics work, but I have yet to get the audio working. My WLAN doesn’t seem to work either, it reports as “Ethernet connected with self assigned IP”, and there’s no obvious WLAN interface.

I’ll figure it out, and when I do, I’ll do an English translation of Erwin’s blog post that he referred to in his comment. Cheers Erwin, you’re a top guy!

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Sony’s PS3 is probably about to take another dive in sales, following the latest “update”. Sony have decided to remove the Install Other OS feature from PS3’s, because they feel it’s a backdoor for hackers to gain entry into the PS3’s inner soul, so, now, they’ve removed it! Ha! It’s caused anger on Sony’s forums, where they claim you don’t have to install the latest update, but it’ll render MarketPlace useless

Let’s see what else they’ve removed from their “market leading” console since its launch:

1. Card slots

2. PS1 & PS2 backward compatibility

3. Online play is free, but very painfully slow and laggy, whereas Xbox Live is paid for yet speedy

3. And now the Other OS feature has been removed

Now the PS3 is no better in features than the 360, when it actually DID have more on launch. Sony actually laughed at Microsoft for releasing several versions of the 360, branding it a joke, yet THEY followed suit! Sony, you can keep your boring liquorice slab, and it’s crap “exclusive” titles!

The only adavantage the PS3 has over the 360 at the moment is possibly a bigger HDD (but seeing as you can’t install PS3 games to the HDD anyway, what’s the point?) It is also a Blu-Ray player, but, hey, you can get a (decent) standalone one for just over £100! The PS3 used to be the only choice for playing Blu-Ray, but now it’s just a featureless, expensive lump of liquorice (that’s very difficult to program for)!

Look at XNA on the 360. The tools are free, you pay a subscription, and can showcase your games on Live. Sony charge through the nose, so that only massive software houses can develop for it (this has put some off in the past, remember the threats from EA?) Sony has had a record of crap marketing, crap quality hardware (I should know!), and paying people off to support their shitty 25 – 50GB disc format, where the games can be fitted on 360 on DVD. The SAME GAMES!! Where does the remaining 20 – 45GB capacity go?

Watch the fanbois flock to flame me now! Get lost, little girls!! You’ve just got GTA: Episodes from Liberty City, through crying and throwing your dummy in forums, now everyone else has moved on to better games!! The Xbox360 has had good games from the start, the developers have enjoyed its ease of coding.

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I was going through some old stuff in storage today. Kassie and I have got loads of it, as we’ve moved from Stretford to Birmingham. The house is a lot bigger, it’s like a manor, but we’ve never got round to sorting through it all!

I found my old Commodore eVic 20GB Musicbox. This little thing is great. It’s what I had before I gave in to the Apple iPod craze and bought my 80GB iPod Classic, and in a few ways, it’s better than an iPod. It has a 20GB HDD and monochrome screen. I love it! I’ve charged it up today, and have been listening to some of the stuff that’s still on it. The sound quality way exceeds that of an iPod, it uses the same Sony amp chip and signal processor as most Sony products, and the bass is really good. Typically, being a Sony processor, the bass does tend to go flat at the top end of the volume scale, to prevent distortion, but the thing still goes way louder than my iPod!

It’s about the same size as a cigarette packet, here’s a picture of it:

Here’s my cons and pros of it, from experience. Forget Engadget, if you’re Googling, they’re a load of rubbish, who just look at a product and don’t go into detail:


  • Long battery life (10 – 15 hours). Not as long as an iPod, but it’s older anyway!
  • Great sound quality and bass
  • Cute little HDD access indicator LED on the top left
  • Quick HDD seek, loading and access time
  • Songs cache quickly for uninterrupted play, even if you click through a lot, unlike an iPod
  • Stable firmware (On mine anyway, which is at Version 2.203)


  • No longer supported
  • No firmware updates, or previous versions, available any more
  • Requires cradle for charging (plus external adaptor) and USB function
  • Built in battery
  • Case very difficult to open without damage

Other than that, it’s been great for me. There’s a lot of people stuck on crap firmware, who can’t upgrade, and people having HDD failures, or HDD access errors, all because Commodore have completely shut people out and stopped supporting it a couple of years after production. Commodore is one of those firms, like Acorn, who seem to have been bought out by Chinese enthusiasts who don’t really know anything about business, or the company’s previous methods, and the company will probably die again. Commodore World was down when I checked earlier today, and according to forums, has been for a while.

Update: I’ve just crashed it! A large DAB recorded MP3 file has caused it to freeze, and I had to hold the Stop/Off button down for ages to turn it off!! There’s a bug that’ll probably never get fixed!

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It rung true today, that’s for sure! I was driving down to Bolton in one of Rikku’s Volvos, that I’d just fixed an electrical problem on, down the M62, at about 10pm, taking it to a lockup in Heywood. Suddenly, I lost all lights on the bus. Headlights, dash lights, rear lights, top tail lights, and destination board. The passenger cabin lights didn’t work, either.

I pulled over on the hard shoulder, and used my electric warning triangle to warn of the hazard, as I had no hazard lights. Connecting the diagnostic laptop and ECU reader up to the ECU, the engine stalled. Checking the fusebox, a relay had tripped, and a fuse for the alternators. I got the engine running again, using the under bonnet starter panel, after changing the fuse when suddenly a police car pulled up behind me. I heard a familiar voice as the officer came close. It was my half sister Tammy, who has worked as a CID officer and traffic cop for 6 years.

I told her what was wrong. I needed to get the bus back to the depot, (obviously I couldn’t carry on to Bolton in it) but Recovery weren’t available, they’d gone home, and my radio wasn’t working. She radioed through to her station, while I borrowed her phone to call Riksy, to open the depot for me.

5 minutes later her backup arrived, and they escorted me back to our depot, me driving the bus with no lights in between their cars. It must have been a funny sight! Rikky was quite surprised, and joked, “You’ve not got yourself into more trouble for speeding, have you!”, with a wink! It is very scary in the hard shoulder with no signal equipment on your vehicle. I don’t yet know what caused the issue, nor have I had time to even fix it, but the original fault was a dodgy earth, which was causing the diagnostics to issue the Check Light Control Unit error, which I’d fixed.

I got down to Bolton OK, just a bit later, by borrowing another bus, our fun little 1997 Dennis Dart, which has never had any problems since we got it, except a squeaky accessory belt. Shows how finicky new computer controlled vehicles can be, sometimes! I love machinery, and wouldn’t stop doing this for Rikku even if you paid me! I’m good with vehicles, and engines, but all this computer controlled vehicle stuff is quite new to me, and I’m still learning myself!

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I woke up this morning, with lil Mika next to me, sleeping soundly, and I decided today was the day I was going to spoil her rotten. She’s such a lovely angel, and puts up with anything I do, whether it be bringing Rikku’s buses home to work on, or pulling computers to bits on the kitchen table. Kassie hates me doing this, and always banishes me to the shed, server room workbench, or upstairs in my study. I don’t blame her, as I once scratched her antique Japanese table that her grandad gave her, with a motherboard. Oops! I got one heck of a stern Japanese-female-anger-fuelled telling off, and never did it again. I caught her on a bad day, too!

The antique table has been stored away ever since. Mika always makes sure I put newspaper down, which I do good and proper.

Anyway, our shopping trip was good! We went for dinner in a nice Thai restaurant, which filled us up for shopping. I took Miks to loads of shops, and she treated herself (on me!) to some lovely new clothes. Some sexy new silk underwear and lingerie, a lovely silk sky blue dress and matching headband, which she looks absolutely adorable in, and lovely pair of white knee high platform boots to go with it.

Feeling naughty, we both went to Ann Summers, and got her a sexy devil outfit, complete with fork and tail. I wonder what my lil she-devil might do tonight if her tail is pulled? Hmmmm…

I bought myself a new shaver, as my last one gave up, and I’ve been using a Ladyshave for the past few weeks. Using a lady shaver actually seems to give a better cut, and is gentler. The rest of the day we spent relaxing. I think we needed to, I get the feeling tonight is going to be quite energetic, and rather she-devilish 😉

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