Football training tomorrow, and yesterday’s rugby match!

Football looks set to go ahead this weekend, it’s been raining all week, so the pitch will be muddy. I know that, because I’m aching all over from yesterday’s last minute rugby match!

Yesterday was fun! It was raining all day, the ground was nice and wet, and I fancied a game of rugby. So, I got on the phone to my partner in crime, and co-head of our gang The Stretford Saints, Pete, and challenged him and the guys (and the girls) to a nice rough game of rugby. Our gang is about 24 strong, with 7 ladies, 3 of which have rugby skills. I’ve never done this with them before!

So, I got Rikku to go to Manchester to pick them up, and bring them back. She was on a quiet day, and quite liked the idea of watching me play rugby. Off she went, and while she was gone, I got my footie kit, rugby boots, and rugby ball ready. The guys and girls got here, got changed, and Rikky drove us to the public rugby field.

The game was absolutely brilliant! Wet, muddy, fast, competitive, with the added bonus of me and the guys in my side playing against the girls of our gang in the opponent side. They were really awesome! Women go so well in football and rugby! Annie is the best, she’s the same height as Rikku, 5ft 9″, and she runs like a bullet, even on a muddy rugby pitch.

I had the ball, running as fast as I could towards the goal, Annie chasing me, with Rikku cheering me on to go faster, “She’s right behind you, RUUUNNN!”. I wanted to pass the ball to one of the guys, but two quarters of me wanted this sexy babe to pull me down into the mud. I wasn’t going without a fight though, so I ran as fast as I could! No matter how fast I ran, she still caught up with me, diving at my legs, pulling me down. I slid for about 2 and a half metres, leaving a massive muddy skid mark in the grass, and a big muddy streak all down my shirt and legs.

She’s such a babe, our Annie. She looks after the residents where our gang is headquartered, like an angel. I’ve never seen her as cute and feisty as she was yesterday though! Something about her in her rugby kit, all muddy, with a ferocious look on her face in a scrum is something else!

I have to do that again! The achiness of being bear tackled by a rugby chick is sooo worth it!! That pitch was like a swamp, but I love a muddy rugby game, I tend to let myself go, and play a lot more competitively, specially if there’s ladies!

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