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Football looks set to go ahead this weekend, it’s been raining all week, so the pitch will be muddy. I know that, because I’m aching all over from yesterday’s last minute rugby match!

Yesterday was fun! It was raining all day, the ground was nice and wet, and I fancied a game of rugby. So, I got on the phone to my partner in crime, and co-head of our gang The Stretford Saints, Pete, and challenged him and the guys (and the girls) to a nice rough game of rugby. Our gang is about 24 strong, with 7 ladies, 3 of which have rugby skills. I’ve never done this with them before!

So, I got Rikku to go to Manchester to pick them up, and bring them back. She was on a quiet day, and quite liked the idea of watching me play rugby. Off she went, and while she was gone, I got my footie kit, rugby boots, and rugby ball ready. The guys and girls got here, got changed, and Rikky drove us to the public rugby field.

The game was absolutely brilliant! Wet, muddy, fast, competitive, with the added bonus of me and the guys in my side playing against the girls of our gang in the opponent side. They were really awesome! Women go so well in football and rugby! Annie is the best, she’s the same height as Rikku, 5ft 9″, and she runs like a bullet, even on a muddy rugby pitch.

I had the ball, running as fast as I could towards the goal, Annie chasing me, with Rikku cheering me on to go faster, “She’s right behind you, RUUUNNN!”. I wanted to pass the ball to one of the guys, but two quarters of me wanted this sexy babe to pull me down into the mud. I wasn’t going without a fight though, so I ran as fast as I could! No matter how fast I ran, she still caught up with me, diving at my legs, pulling me down. I slid for about 2 and a half metres, leaving a massive muddy skid mark in the grass, and a big muddy streak all down my shirt and legs.

She’s such a babe, our Annie. She looks after the residents where our gang is headquartered, like an angel. I’ve never seen her as cute and feisty as she was yesterday though! Something about her in her rugby kit, all muddy, with a ferocious look on her face in a scrum is something else!

I have to do that again! The achiness of being bear tackled by a rugby chick is sooo worth it!! That pitch was like a swamp, but I love a muddy rugby game, I tend to let myself go, and play a lot more competitively, specially if there’s ladies!

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UltraSexyHeroines is a good site. They have sexy women, in tight shiny spandex superheroine pictures. That is about it. Their customer support is crap, their pictures are at a resolution that was used back in 1980, and the quality is degraded. The webmaster is ignorant, and  blocks comments on the official blog if you complain. Oh, and some of the girls on the site have fake boobies, which I’m not really a fan of.

Bailey is one of those girls. Why she had to go ruin her figure I don’t know. But, those boobies seem to make this shiny seductive costume sooo much sexier, and you end up wanting Bailey to come rescue you, then you can have her exercise her dominant powers on you! Phwoar!! Take a look! I’ve left the topless ones out, remember, TideLog is a clean blog, so sexy goes, but not topless or nude.

I just wish these pictures were proper high res, we’re talking 1920×1200, but the guys who own UltraSexyHeroines and SuperSexyHeroines never listen, even though they claim to. I joined several times, on both sites, but all the SuperSexyHeroines guys seem to be bothered about is doing their comic strip rubbish. They don’t listen, I don’t join, and I share their content on my blog!!

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Microsoft has just this minute released the EEA browser choice screen update to users of Windows 7, that it agreed to do in line with an EU ruling:

Cool. Don’t need it, though. I’m using the king of all browsers, Firefox, already. The one and only! (Until they change the UI to look like the crappy Ribbon and Chrome monstrosities, in version 4, that is.

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I’ve bought a Polaroid TLU-01511C television on eBay, as a test TV for laptops and consoles we repair in the workshop. There’s a red tinge to the screen, which gradually goes to normal white. After 5 minutes the backlight goes out completely.

The Grundig GU15WDT & Polaroid TLU-01511C/U are the same telly, both with/without Freeview. They’re made by ProView Technology Co., Ltd. The power supply model is PI-XXXXTLTX Version:A / 200-001-XXXXTLTX-AH. Unfortunately, it’s a common problem. I did the Grundig version of this a while back. The inverter is part of the main power supply, instead of it being separate, and either this or the backlights that go bad, so the PSU either has to be repaired, or replaced. The PSU boards aren’t the best, to be honest. And the backlights aren’t standard, unsurprisingly!

I haven’t repaired one yet, as I had a spare, but it’s either the output transformer on the inverter side, or a capacitor/switchmode transistor. The fault (once the backlight is verified as good) can either be just the inverter section, or a main PSU feed to inverter problem. The main filter caps will all be fine. The TV will stay on, and display a picture, you can see it under bright light. I use a fluorescent inspection lamp.

Other faults with these boards include:

1. Whining supply, due to overload, or failing capacitors. This can lead to 2. below.

2. Intermittent operation, with buzzing/whining/crackling coming from the supply, due to faulty/burst capacitor.

2. Complete failure, resulting in totally dead supply, with no Standby light. To verify SB, check voltage of SB output pins, they should have up to 5V, but no less than 3v, less than that, and there’s a regulation issue. If at 0v, check PSU fuse.

3. Red hue on backlight(s), sometimes getting better going to normal white, and/or loss of backlight after 5 – 10 mins. Verify backlight(s) condition using known good laptop inverter. Wire laptop backlights up to the TV inverter outputs. The backlight goes out because the load isn’t optimal, the inverter shuts down.

4. Completely dead backlight, caused by blown Schmitt Trigger, or failed backlight. See below. Check operation of inverter first to verify using laptop screen backlight. Test TV backlight using laptop inverter. You can’t use just one lamp, both outputs require a load otherwise the outputs fail to start.

The reason the inverter goes is because of their nature, high stress, and these cheap supplies. A CCFT (Cold Cathode Fluorescent Tube) requires a high voltage pulse, usually around 1000v AC, to light it, lasting less than a second, delivered by a trigger chip. Once it’s lit, the voltage to keep it lit varies, usually 300/600v AC, depending on if the panel is dual backlight, which these are, and the brightness setting. The stress on the inverter is immense at high brightness, and unless it is a high quality circuit, premature failure is imminent. Complete failure of the backlight under a known good tube scenario is usually always a blown trigger, seen in my photos as the black IC’s below the output sockets for the tubes.

There’s a lot of tiny SMC components on the underside of the board, and these include Triacs, resistors, capacitors, these can be culprits, too.

Affected TV’s:

Polaroid TLU-01511C/U 15″ HD Ready LCD TV

Polaroid TLU-02241C 22″ HD Ready LCD TV with Freeview

Grundig GU15WDT 15″ HD Ready LCD TV with Freeview

Element FLX-1510 20″ TV (Thanks to Jason Johnson!)

The Grundig GU19WDVDPCX 19″ Digital HD Ready LCD TV with DVD Player has the same chassis type, but was not affected, as it used an external power adapter. I worked on one that had no picture, but it was PSU unrelated. The signal processor developed a resistance fault.

I’ll update this list as I work on more TV’s that use the same chassis, and find info on the web.

My motto I use in PC and telly repair: KEEP YOUR BRIGHTNESS DOWN!!

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The headphone socket refused to work for me under both Vista and Windows 7. The sound would mute from the speakers, but nothing came from the headphones. I realised it was the driver that Windows was installing. The reason this happens is that the jacks are software controlled, meaning that when you plug something into the jacks, the software switches output to the correct socket, and pops up a dialog asking you what you plugged in:

The Windows driver doesn’t do this, so the headphones and surround jacks get no output. To fix it, install the VIA driver OVER the Windows one (don’t uninstall the Windows one first, the VIA install routine fails to detect the device if you do).

Once the VIA driver is installed, there is a utility that sits in your system tray/notification area, that will pop a dialog up, and detects what you’ve plugged into where (mostly automatic). You don’t actually need the utility running, the port seems to work even with it closed.

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