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Today was rather good. I went along on route practise, with Rikku’s comms-operator-turned-driver Cassie Heathfield, she’s just passed her PSV test, after being Matsuki’s 3rd Comms operator for nearly two years. I had nothing better to do, other than worry (what?!?) whether my Xbox was going to die (see, it’s silly!!), so I popped along to see how Cass did. She’s a good driver, at only 23 she’s done well.

I only wish my Kassie was as good, the last time I took her to the track in a bus for a mess around she kept taking corners too short, as though she’s in a car. The racing line is wider in a bus, and is mainly on the outside of corners, rather than inside out. She also kept hitting kerbs on bus stop practises! Kassie’s great in a car, she’s had years of driving high performance cars, like her Subaru, but big vehicles leaves her with a lot to be desired. Mind you, she has never driven a bus before, nor is qualified to, so I can’t criticize her, my sweet lil sugarlump.

Lady bus drivers, they’re cute! A cute lady who can handle big machines gets my admiration, anytime!

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I used a heatgun to heat the heatsinks up really hot. This is NOT something everyone should try, as the air from a heatgun is very dry, and can cause dry joints, so should not be done directly at the chips themselves, or for long periods, as the temperature is a lot hotter than a hairdryer. I use it as a very controlled last ditch attempt before properly vacuum reworking and replacing chips. I then ran the console without the fans connected, until it shut down, and then let her cool.

She’s been fine ever since, and has been run for about 7 hours following the repair, with cool off powerdown sessions in between. Fingers crossed! And no towel tricks or RRoD “FIX” kits in sight! LoL, who needs “bedroom experts” with the wrong tools and skills, such as *cough* Mark Pickavance *cough*?

Hehe 🙂 I don’t *think* I’m good, I KNOW it! LoL 🙂 As my Saints Row chick says!

Update 29th Jan: 24 hours runtime, still going! She’s been warmed up, powered up and down several times today, and she’s a darn fighter, a lot more than Greg’s ever was…

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I’ve used the image (for the good it did, if anything) and it all went fine. Everything’s still the same as ever, just a minor version number change. What a waste of waiting over a week for! Anyway, for anyone that wants it, I have it here on TideLog, so you don’t have to grovel to Clevo or Novatech.

First though, my disclaimer:


–  Please keep in mind that this disc/ISO should never be used in a PC or notebook for which it was not intended – doing so may render the PC/notebook in question unusable.

–  Please do not interrupt the update process (by resetting/switching the PC/notebook off or removing the disc, etc) once it has begun – doing so may render your motherboard unusable

–  Please do not update your BIOS with any suspect item plugged into your computer (such as suspect RAM).  If you are updating your BIOS to gain support for a new processor (CPU) then do not do the update with the new CPU installed – it  must be done with a CPU already supported by the existing BIOS.

–  Flashing your BIOS is done at your own risk – should anything go wrong then you are responsible for the results.

–  Do not update your BIOS unless there is a good reason (for the above reason).

So, you’ve been warned. I’m experienced at all manner of BIOS tasks, including modification, flashing, desoldering for bad flash recovery & resoldering, so bear that in mind. Of course, if you do brick your laptop, you’re free to send it to me for repair, but I charge £60 for the whole recovery task.

-= This update is for the M670SU with nVidia GeForce 8400M Graphics ONLY!!! =- There’s an update for the Hitachi H8 controller too, flash this AFTER the main update.

Click HERE to download the ZIP file.

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I don’t know how much longer she’s gonna keep fighting back, because the tearing has just come back:

She’s been one heck of a good console, and this is the first time anything like this has happened to me. I’ve seen it at work many times, and never thought it’d happen to me, not after so long, but it has. I suppose I’ll get myself a nice new Elite, mod it, and not go on Live, so that if I ever need to go on Live, once a method that works to stop you getting banned comes, I’ll use it, because the Stealth firmware let me down the first time I used it, and I no longer trust it as far as its so called “Live Stealth” is concerned.

It’s looking snowy for my chick in Saints Row 2, she looks a bit snowed up!

As long as I don’t turn it off, it’ll stay running, it’s just, well, snowy!

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After 3 solid loyal years, I think my Core 360 is about to die. I’ve just been playing Forza 3, whizzing my 680hp Viper SRT-10 round Suzuka Circuit, and the telltale black and white tearlines have appeared on the picture. Exactly the same sysmptoms as my friend Greg, 2 days later, the E74 error occurred, and never again did his console play another game.

So I’ve unplugged it, and will let it cool, see what happens. In the meantime, I’ve got two options, the Easy one, and the Techie one:

The Easy method:

Go out and buy a brand new gorgeous Elite, with new motherboard, less heat.


The Techie method:

Rework my Core with NEW CPU & GPU chips, replacing the solder balls with lead ones. I use more heat than the factories, so I know it will last longer.

And before you geeks kick in, NO I WON’T use your foolish Towel or X-Clamp fixes!

UPDATE: She’s had it. The E74 error is now displaying, in all its multilanguage non-glory, on my Toshiba 42″ plasma:

It’s just a single segment flashing, but, who cares, an E74 is an E74 nonetheless, and it’s the GPU that’s ill:

Seeing as I’ve got nothing really to lose, as my console’s modded anyway, I’m gonna heat her up, nice and hot, to see if I can prolong the life a little longer, I want to get to Level 30 driver skill on Forza 3, and I’m at 27!

Update 2: She’s BACK again! But, for how long?!? She’s a fighter, that’s for sure!

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