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Advice & what not to do when using WinHTTrack/HTTrack

Please follow these common sense rules to avoid any network abuse when using WinHTTrack. It’s not fair for other users or the webmaster of the site if you’re hogging all his bandwidth. Not all sites have unlimited bandwidth. I have … Continue reading

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The Correct foolproof way to backup Xbox 360 games!

I’m going to show you all my perfect way of backing up your games. I’ve been doing it this way for ages, and have never had any failures. LEGAL DISCLAIMER Before we start, I must make you aware that MODIFYING … Continue reading

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Copying websites using WinHTTrack Website Copier tutorial

I’ve had a lot of people ask me how to correctly rip a website using WinHTTrack on its forum. It isn’t your fault you’re getting errors, it’s the programs default settings, they’re set incorrectly, causing the copier to get booted … Continue reading

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It looks like I won’t be doing any more footie training till February..

I hurt my back last weekend, I slipped on some black ice, and my lower back took most of the impact. It was sore for about two days, then eased off a little, but then went bad again. I went … Continue reading

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What a Christmas!

Today was better than I expected! It’s a good job we’ve got a big house here in Birmingham, we need the space for all the presents! God knows what it’s going to be like whe Kassie and I get married … Continue reading

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