TideLog Archive for November, 2009

The memory card in my camera doesn’t want to have it’s data recovered. Nothing is showing up in GetDataBack, even the stuff that I knew was on there. That tells me that the Flash controller in the card has possibly given up, but the Flash chip itself is fine. The data is probably safe, the question is, did it fail before I took the pictures of the footie ladies, or after I dropped the camera? It has got to have been either a power up or down surge, as the internal memory is holding images. I hope the pics I took are there, they’re going to be nice precious memories of today’s match!

I need to desolder and dump the Flash chip, the issue is that it is a Ball Grid Array pin grid chip, so it’s got to be handled very gently, and desoldered using my hot air rework station. I can apply just the right amount of heat to the bottom of the chip to desolder it, and then stick it in my Willem programmer (used the last time for the B7RLE ECU) to dump an image of the chip. Please, piccies, please be safe…..

Jill said, “Dad, is your camera not working?” “No”, I replied,  “I took some pictures of Aunty Kassie and your Mum’s footie team in our training match, and they’re not here, the memory card is faulty. At just the wrong time!”

To which she quite sharply replied, “Flippin’ technology!” She’s got that one off her mum! I had to chuckle at that, and she started giggling. It was contagious, we were laughing uncontrollably! She knows “Flippin’ ” isn’t a naughty word, it’s just how grown up she is! At 9!

I love my friends, especially Rikku. She’s opened a whole new world for me in the 7 years I’ve known her, and she’s been an absolute rock. Never let your true friends go……

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Today was great! It has got to be the best I’ve had! Rikku picked me up from Manchester, surprisingly she was already changed into her kit, and walking through the airport building to her Merc she raised a few eyebrows, mainly from blokes! Probably a pulling stunt (showing off), but still, cute! We went back to her place, and I got changed. She mentioned how “the aftershave you’re wearing smells nice!”. It wasn’t my aftershave, but the conditioner on my kit! Kassie’s switched to a new stronger brand, and uses too much in the wash! The girls noticed it though, so it was nice to be complimented.

The training was great! The pitch was actually muddier than I’d anticipated all week, the surface puddles had been soaked up and the pitch turned to mud quite quickly. It looked OK, but stepping on the pitch made water and mud ooze round your boots! Kassie struggled with the pitch condition, and this showed later in the match, as you’ll see. She struggled with the dribbling tactics Rikku taught her, doing exactly what I originally did on my first dribbling lesson, and tilted backwards too much compensating for sliding, ending up on her back in the mud, bursting into hysterical giggles. She soon picked skills up though, and still managed to run quite fast, given the sloppy surface. It didn’t take either of us long to get very muddy, as I deliberately tackled her too fast in tackling practise, I didn’t want her to stay clean too long! That, and I had to save goal attempts booted at me hard by Kassie and Rikku during my goalie skills refresh, Kassie’s ball direction control failing miserably, her kicking the ball intending it to go right, and it going left, causing me to dive the wrong way! She picked the foot direction up pretty easily though, with gentle prompting from Riks.

We learnt these skills today:

  • Ball control (slaloming round cones at different speeds)
  • Tackling and tackle avoidance from different angles and methods
  • Goalie skills (Kass was really good at the co-ordination!)

When the training finished, the other ladies came out to join us for the match, and we split into our two 5 a side teams, Kassie on my side and Rikku against us. My goalie skills were better than I originally thought. I saved 7 goal attempts, but let one of Rikku’s through, because she deliberately used a fool tactic she’d “forgotten” to mention, making me anticipate the ball coming the wrong direction! One of my successful attempts was a penalty! Following it, I tricked an opponent when I booted the ball back. Kassie was facing me on my right, with two opponents on my left and direct center. I booted it right after running up to it curving in to the left, and my plan worked great, Kassie headed it across to another teammate, Kirsty!


Here’s where Kassie slipped up, and got told off by Rikku, she nearly lost her temper. The ball was booted towards our goal. Kassie and another girl, Shiana, an opponent, were close by. Shiana headed the ball, and accidentally headbutted Kas, who went to head the ball at the same time, and got the headbutt on the side of her head. Shiana went to apologize, but Kas must have thought it deliberate, slapped Shi, and then forcefully pushed her onto her back. Shiana jumped up, and they started fighting. Rikku split them up, being the captain, and told Kassie off, who didn’t argue. I think it was Kas trying to show off to me, and getting annoyed when she made a mistake. We all do it.

In the end we won 3-1, and had a very enjoyable match! I won’t forget it in a long time! Shi and Kas made up in the changing room, as Rikky told me later (why do I have to be Billy No Mates in a changing room all on my own when there’s a changing room full of muddy footie babes next door?)

I took some pictures of the team, but something has gone wrong with my camera’s memory stick, and it appears to be blank! I did drop it at the end of training when I took a team picture. I have recovery software running on it right now. If they’re recoverable, you’ll see why I enjoy these matches so much, the girls are really gorgeous! I have 2 team pictures of Rikku’s old Woodhill LFC team somewhere, they’re adorable! Any guys out there who has female friends who are amateur footie team captains, have a match with them, it’s great! Especially in winter weather!

Now all I’ve got to do is clean my kit, and Kassie’s too, I’ll scrub her muddy football boots for her anytime, I worship her. Today’s memories will stay with me for a while to come!

Right now Jill and I are drawing horses and baby chickens on the computer in Photoshop, she loved the one I found earlier in the week, and a frog is currently hitching a ride with the chick on the horse’s back! Awww. 9 year olds, eh? Then it’s off to McDonalds for Jill’s tea, Rikku’s letting me treat her for being good. She really is an angel, for 9 years old you’d think she was 16-17 in conversation with her. She’s got her mum’s sense and intelligence, and her looks too….

Kids are smart these days….

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I’m setting off for Birmingham shortly. Rikku’s picking me up from Manchester Airport taking me to hers so I can get changed, and then we’re picking Kassie up taking her to the training ground. After the training and match I’m off babysitting Jill (Rikku’s daughter) as Rikku’s got a business meeting later today, so I’ll probably leave updates till tomorrow, I have a feeling it’s going to be a tiring match!

See you all tomorrow!

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I’m in Bolton right now, at my friend Jenny’s, and it’s 1.30am Saturday night. I’ve just checked BBC Weather for West Midlands, and it’s looking to be a rainy, wet and muddy match for me and the girls. We start the training session at 2pm, then the match at 3pm till 4, and throughout then it’s going to be heavy rain showers with a temp of 7 degrees C:


Not that I’m complaining about a bit of water and mud, I get to learn & play football and watch a team of 9 girls including my own girlfriend in full football kit get stuck in at the same time. Yeehaw! I must have done something right in a previous life!

I’ll probably be too busy saving goals in the first half, though. I’ll probably be the muddiest, our goal areas are the worst for being sloppy! In my training I’m going to be learning dribbling tactics and more goalkeeping, plus some defence stuff.

I hope Kas knows what she’s in for. A nice wet sloppy football match, that’s what! She likes mud wrestling (I always lose!), anyhow, so she should be fine! Rikku definitely ain’t calling this one off, she knows I’ve been looking forward to it!

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Following my choice between two new pairs of football boots, I couldn’t resist the sexy electric blue Nike Pace Vapour ones. These are such a sexy colour, I think the ladies in Riksy’s team will like them!


They’re gorgeous, aren’t they? The girls’ll be following a blue blur from now on! The other sky blue ones weren’t available in my size 11, so these were my choice. They’re good for soft ground, too, when it’s soft, muddy, or swampy! Icy, I’m not sure, but we’ll find out!

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I came across this lovely pair of Nike football boots yesterday, a pair of  Nike Mercurial Vapour 11 SG.


They’ll go great with my old school football kit, my Little Lever one. It consists of a satin sky blue shirt with navy collar, navy shorts and navy blue socks with sky blue turnover. Yeah, I still have my old kit, from 9 years ago, and the shirt is still like a dress! I use it for training and having a kickabout with the lads. It’s such a sexy kit, Kassie likes me in it!

These boots would go so well with it. I gotta have a pair! Or how about these sexy electric blue Nike Pace Vapor II?


These are the two sexiest pair of football boots I’ve seen! I’m getting as bad as a woman with pairs of shoes!

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The weather’s been quite mild the last day or so, but it’s been chilly at night. It’s not looking as bad as it was on Tuesday, as I reported for footie tomorrow. Rikku and her team had a match last night, they have training on Tuesdays, and matches on Fridays. My Sunday footie with her and the ladies is just friendly training fun. She says the pitch is still sloppy but the surface puddles have gone.

Kassie is still joining us, as planned, and it’s looking to be exciting! She’s on my side, and Rikku is against us, so it’s the fastest ladies against each other! I’m goalie for half the match, so I’ve got all my goalie kit ready, I’ll be in a blue kit rather than my usual red, and the shirt’s a little too big!! The gloves are nice and warm, too, and from what the official team goalie has told me, she says they’re very effective at stopping balls travelling at over 90mph without hurting! Good old Mitre!

Kassie is fast running on solid ground, I’m just not sure how fast she is with a ball at her feet, or on a muddy pitch. Martial artists aren’t trained for it! The training beforehand will reveal……

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I’m a softie when it comes to cute animals, cats, dogs, you name it. So, when I came across this little guy, I couldn’t resist wanting to reach out and give him a cuddle:


Awwwwwww! Isn’t he the sweetest cutest little fluffy thing? Come on, ladies, you know you want to! “Awwwwwww!” Give him a cuddle! Imagine him sat in the palm of your hand, looking cute as ever, chirping at you! Awww! I’ve raised a chick, Helena, from a baby, so I know how heartwarming little chickies are!

It’s little cuties in life like this lil guy that make me forget the bad in the world!

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Rikku and myself had to take some tourists from London to Manchester, and then bring some from Manchester back to Birmingham airport. On the return route, when I was driving back, the traffic piled up. Worse still, one of the sensors on the emergency door on the B7RLE we were driving decided to fail, and I had to put up with the constant whine from the cab alert buzzer, all the way back to the depot. When it started, I ran round the bus, checking all doors. The bonnet, emergency door (that takes some slamming to shut, the hinges go quite stiff in the cold), the cab door, and passenger entry door.

They’ve all got sensors, and when one gives up due to cold, or electrical failure, they’re a nightmare! The buzzer doesn’t just give a single buzz like on ECU warnings, it carries on until the sensor closes, or is replaced!

Wright, what were you thinking with the Eclipse bodies? Does a sensor failure really have to drive us mad?

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Browsing my database recently, I noticed that WordPress saves a new copy of a post each time a post is drafted, edited and saved. You can’t just delete these “inherit” post revisions, otherwise linked images will not work. I’ve found a good plugin, called Bulk Delete WordPress Plugin, by a chap called Sudar.

It can be used to delete posts in bulk from selected categories or tags. This Plugin can also delete all drafts, post revisions or pages. It sure can reduce database bloat, especially if you rush posts, like me, and then edit numerous times!


I recommend a database backup first, but with my case, the revision delete didn’t mess anything up as far as I can see, but I still backed up. This is one of those tools that you’ll wonder how you managed without it!

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Geez, I’m glad I’m better at football than building source code under Linux, because all this commandline stuff isn’t rubbing off on me.

The first step in the Chromium OS build instructions is to run the script make_local_repo.sh. This will build a local repo from which your chroot environment will grab packages. However, this script has a bug where it will not wait for an APT lock. In my case, I was installing another package via apt-get when I ran the script, so it bailed out early when it couldn’t get the apt lock, and hosed my repo.

The not-so-helpful error you will get once your local repo is screwed up:

Creating repository directory…
Updating chromeos_dev from /home/tidosho/chromiumos/src/package_repo/repo_list_dev.txt…
chroot: cannot run command `reprepro’: No such file or directory.

According to Kassie, it SHOULD be as easy as deleting the “repo” directory, and re-running the script. BUT, the folder is locked, and I cannot delete it! Kassie is trying (and swearing in Japanese!) to log in as either Sudo or root, failing!

Bloody Linux!!

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I’ve just found another good software package, from the nice guys at UniBlue Ltd. UniBlue DriverScanner, it can find, update and back up your drivers for you. My mate Steve has let me roadtest it on Windows 7, as it is Vista compatible. The driver backup tool takes way too long though, but the rest is easy.

Just make sure, that if you’re trying to find drivers for a fresh install, that you have at least one network device installed, otherwise it’s useless!

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Today’s been good. I was doing maintenance on Matsuki Transport’s computers, in the office, and Comms. I usually keep on top of it all, but have been in the garage the past few days, three of the buses needed MOT’s and failures fixing. I went with Rikku taking a group of tourists from Birmingham to London. The journey is always fun. Rikky made me laugh. She’s got this habit that when she’s letting off passengers, she doesn’t actually look at them, she watches them in her rear view mirror, and she cracks me up. They’ll go past the cab, saying all thankyous, and she’ll look into the mirror as they’re getting off, and reply back, “No worries”, “Thankyou!”, “Have a nice day!”, “Take care!”

There’s just something funny about the way she does it. It’s cute! Tonight, though, I’m doing some more on my ChromeOS project, solving those symlink errors. Hopefully, I’ll have ChromeOS built and running from a pendrive for you tonight, but the 4GB drive I want to use is a bit iffy, so I’m pre-empting failures in that respect. Failing that, a VMWare image will have to do!

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It’s now Wednesday, and my match & training with the ladies is on Sunday. It’s still been raining here in Birmingham. It’s looking to be another nice muddy footie session on Sunday, as here’s our pitch, taken yesterday when I took my clean kit and boots to my locker ready for weekend:


I detect another good match coming up. Kassie’s still joining us, I picked her kit, shinpads and her boots up for her yesterday. She tried it all on, and she looks really nice, a sexy Japanese footballer! There’s just something about a lady in a football kit I just can’t get over……

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Here’s my favourite pair of boots, my Gilbert ones. They’re not actually football boots, they’re rugby boots, but they can be used for football. I’ve only used them once, and cleaned them back to a sparkle. Would you believe that these were caked in mud before they were cleaned? They were used two weeks ago, when the pitch was like a swamp! It took 3 hours soaking and about 2 hours scrubbing and polishing to get them nice again!

They’re nice, aren’t they? I can’t bear to wear them again, or get them muddy, they’re so nice, I now keep them for display purposes. I’ve borrowed a pair of Adidas Predator boots from Rikku’s ladies team kit stock for now, I don’t have a picture of them, they’re in my locker in the team changing rooms, and I’ve got a full changing room to myself! There’s one for Rikku’s team, and one for the team they’re against, and on Sundays, my training day, there’s no-one else in there. And all those ladies next door…….

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