TideLog Archive for August, 2009

I learnt this the hard way, and now need to re-image my partition from my original 40GB drive! Version 4.1, which PCoP has been at for nearly 3 years, works fine under Vista. But on 7 it seems to pick up registry keys it shouldn’t. I was a little suspicious of the 1,576 entries it found, but went ahead anyway. And I’m the type of guy who keeps my machine pristine, with CCleaner, Ad-Aware, SUPERAntiSpyware and co running regularly, with junk cleaning and Auslogics Disk Defrag in between, so that amount of errors did hit me as weird.

I rebooted, and ended up with the infamous 0x0000007B STOP error, which equates to a “UNMOUNTABLE_BOOT_VOLUME” error. Safe Mode just gives me the Vista & 7 Black Screen Of Death, with a black screen and mouse pointer after the orb. I cannot get back in to restore PCoP’s backup!

That’ll teach me for still using Rikku’s serial number from when we were business partners…. Sorry Rikky!

I’ve contacted PConPoint about it with a log from the failed installation, and they tell me it will be 3 months until they release a Windows 7 version, which coincides with the public release.

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I’ve always liked GTA2, and the radio music, but the issue is, it isn’t real, but mostly made up by Rockstar. I’ve always liked the Greyhound track, titled “Sterlin – Standing On My Own” the one with the chorus that runs like this:

When I’m waiting for the greyhounds,

I realize I’m standing on my own,

And there’s no-one there who knows me,

I guess that’s just a feeling I’m alone.

It’s quite an emotional track. It seems to be a raw ADPCM 192kbps WAV, with the original frequencies and bassline skimmed off, that makes it flat, to sound like a 45rpm record with ageness.

Kassie says she can re-make it, with real instruments, her Mac Pro, Cubase, and sweet little Mitsumi, our angelic lyricist at Winterflower Records, and Kitamura’s sales volunteer, who made a great job of her Party Trip track lyrics back in 2005. I think a Japanese female lyrics version will be nicer, and who better the angel to provide those than Mitsy? Awww, I can her her now…

Cubase, and the recording studio beckons us……

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Recently I upgraded Ami with a 320GB Western Digital BEVT drive. I’ve long been a great fan of Western Digital, but this drive has me puzzled. It feels slower, and actually looks slower. In Windows 7 it has a base score of 5.2, whereas my old 40GB Fujitsu was 4.2.

I can understand the platter density vs. spin speed/data tracking/seek and all that, but should a newer, bigger drive be slower? It’s still SATA, 4,200rpm. Funnily enough, a 250GB drive was FASTER!

I feel an RMA coming on……

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