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This is one of those messages that Volvo decided to confuse and worry everyone with, isn’t it? You see it come up, when the alert buzzer sounds, and you think, “Oh, s**t!!”, and with 50-60 passengers on board, you’re right to! It’s not as bad as it seems. The B7RLE is *almost* 100% computer controlled, including the air system, brakes, air conditioning, fuel & air intake, air compressor & discharge system, and faults are common, but they’re mostly friendly warnings that a serviceable part is nearing the end of its life, but these “friendly” messages were written to scare you, it seems, and sometimes, rightly so, in the case of First Manchester, who ignore service warnings completely, and run the bus until something fatal goes wrong, then scrap the bus.
For this error, it is mostly the brake disc and/or pad sensors detecting that the pads/discs are nearing their safe limits. Connecting the Volvo software up to the bus computer will verify this. The brakes aren’t going to give in. If they were, the emergency stop system would kick in, and bring the bus to a safe halt, and shut off the engine and fuel system.

Clear the ECU log after correcting the cause, and the warning will go away. I usually clear both the main bus ECU and the brake ECU at the same time, to clear the air, between the two, so to speak.

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A lot has gone on in the few months i’ve not posted. I’ve built Lucy, and nursed a Core 2 Duo Fujitsu Siemens Li 1818 back to life. I’ve decided to give TL an overhaul, and use my much improved Photoshop skills to redesign a new Dead or Alive theme and header for it. I’ve been working with my friend Rikku in Birmingham, she started a private bus company 2 years ago, and I’m her advisor/mechanic, and for any bus enthusiasts out there, have decided to post service information for Wrightbus, Plaxton and Alexander bus bodies, and service info for Mercedes, Volvo, and Scania buses/coaches. We’ve been running 2 Volvo B7RLE Wright Urban Eclipse buses for just over 1 and a half years, and the lack of body service info has really got to me, so I started writing my own literature, from working on them personally for Rikku. I’ll post any other stuff that’s bus/truck related too, those like me who are technically minded will make sense of it!

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