Another PC port of one of my favourite games has arrived, Saints Row 2, and i like what i see. The original Saints Row was Xbox360 exclusive, so why they’ve decided to release the sequel on PS3 (JUUUNNNKK!), PC and 360 is beyond me. Not that i’m complaining, because i have a 360, and completed the original 4 times over, but it would be nice to be able to play it on Lucy alongside SR2.

On to SR2 and how it plays… Well, it runs nicely on my setup (see previous posts!), and i’m more impressed with it than the PC port of GTA:IV. Even with the settings on low as a stability test, the graphics were impressive, and the game runs smoothly. SR2 PC has a lot more graphics settings available, such as AA (Anti Aliasing), AF (Anisotropic Filitering) and depth, draw and shadowing. It works right out of the box with the Xbox360 wired USB controller too, albeit with the Setup A config, which i didn’t like on 360, i like the triggers as accelerate, brake and reverse, and the default uses Green & Blue buttons (A & X respectively). Changing the config isn’t as easy on PC, as you have to change each assignment manually, whereas the 360 has set schemes.

Overall it is a great game, and i’ll bring you some screenshots later, to do it justice!

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