TideLog Archive for October, 2006

Cars worth more than one million pounds have been stolen in Bury so far this year. Police have revealed that, since January, nearly 160 high powered and top of the range vehicles have disappeared after the keys were stolen from the homes of owners.

Only last week, a Jaguar and an Audi A3 were stolen from the Prestwich area. The Jaguar vanished when thieves forced a locker at the Fairways leisure centre in George Street and made off with the keys, while the Audi was stolen when the keys were taken by a burglar who entered a property in Bury Old Road through an open kitchen window.

Now crime prevention bosses in Bury are urging residents to tighten up security to keep out sneak thieves.

Gaynor Mason, from Bury Police, said “We can’t emphasise enough the importance of ensuring that house doors and windows are locked and not just closed and car keys are kept in a safe place, out of sight. Improved vehicle security gives thieves only one option and that is to obtain the keys by any means they can.

She added: “It is also important for everyone to be extra vigilant and think carefully while they’re out and about by ensuring that all cars and windows are locked and nothing is left on display as an invitation to thieves.

“It takes seconds to become a victim, but also seconds to stop a thief.”

Further information about improving house or car security can be obtained from local police stations or by ringing the Crime Reduction Unit on 0161 856 8046.

According to police, Volkswagen Golfs are top of the hit-list for car thieves in Bury. The top five vehicles stolen in the borough are:

1) Volkswagen Golf

2) Audi A3/A4

3) Honda Civic

4) BMW 3-Series

5) Mini Cooper

I’ve mainly posted this as two of our staff, Mitsumi and Rikku, both live in the Prestwich area. Rikku isn’t a worry to me, as she always keeps her keys with her, even at bedtime, and keeps her doors and windows locked. Mitsumi drives, but her car isn’t on the “hit list”, but her safety is of paramount importance to me, i always check on her, making sure she locks her windows and doors.

Crime sucks, and so do some nasty individuals, who resort to crime. Lets not give them a chance.

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