TideLog Archive for July, 2006

Hello everyone,
It’s been a while since i last blogged. I’m busy, and getting even busier, but i promise, i’ll try to keep up. Most of the stuff i’ve been getting up to hasn’t been worth blogging about.

I’ve recently fallen out with my “best” friend Richard, if i can call him that. Since myself and Kassie lost our baby girl Ayane, he and his dad have stabbed me in the back repeatedly.
They’ve accused me of being a skiving, useless, devious “idiot”. I have done so much for them both, i’ve stuck as a friend to Richard, when his other friends left him, i’ve helped him and his dad when they were burgled.

They started moaning after the burglary, that the insurance company wouldn’t pay out, and the stupid twats actually admitted to the following:

1. Leaving the front door unlocked!

2. They smashed their own alarm panel, to make the insurance surveyor think it was done by the burglar, when at the time, there was clearly no power to the whole system!

They also grassed a local lad up, when he was seen carrying a baseball bat on the streets, they reported him, and they now moan because he is out of jail, and is now smashing their windows, and throwing stones at the house.

I helped him and his dad out when i lived there for around a year, i helped out with the following:

a. Making the meals.

b. I repaired his washing machine, and helped out at the laundrette while it was out of action

I’ll post further, i’ll rack my brains and post a few pictures of his trashy house in a couple of days

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