TideLog Archive for June, 2006

Kassie has come a stage further to becoming Stretford’s No.1 webhost, after upgrading the servers used to power the network. We now have a whopping total of 26GHz processor power, and 67 gigabytes of RAM.

She is also in the process of developing her own Google style search engine, which will be incorporated as part of KasNet, and will have a web scouring bot, called KasBot, or KasCrawler, the name isn’t finalised yet, and the engine is still under development. The whole thing is powered by a range of technologies, from SQL Server, to DreamWeaver MX, including PHP, CGI, and ASP.

The whole project is expected to cost in the region of £500, 000 to around nearly £1 million, and is funded by KJ Computers, and its sponsors.

Once the service is released, she plans to have free hosting, which consists of a basic package, and paid for hosting, including a KasNet domain, the schemes have not been planned yet.

For more information, visit http://kasumi.homelinux.com

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