TideLog Archive for February, 2006

I finally managed to get another addition to myself & Kas’s VPN (Virtual Private Network)

We have a network of 7 machines at Kas’s house, 40 at KJC, in our classrooms, workshops and offices, and they are all joined by 4 Windows Server 2003 DNS & VPN servers, and i recently set another sub-network up at our house, with Lucy & Riku, my client & DNS server, separate from Kas’s -=Golden Angel=- network, to avoid congestion on KJC’s site if Kas’s GA network is under load

It is not public, it is just so we can work on documents on any of the 53 machines, anywhere, anytime, anyplace.

Kas really is a genious, she has a heck of a lot of knowledge where servers and networks are concerned, and she helped set it all up.

She’s due to come out of hospital on Sunday, following a vital heart bypass/transplant, i am so proud of her for putting up with what she’s had to deal with

God bless you sweetheart xxxx

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Is it rude to use the word “fat” to describe an overweight person? 

Is it more impolite than incorrect? A employee of mine keeps avoiding from using it. “Uh, he’s kinda big” That’s how he described one of the guys in our shop, to which I replied “Oh, the fat guy!” to ascertain the person he was going on about. He quickly gasped in horror, before correcting me “Oh you can’t say fat!”. Should I not have used the word? Should I have used “big” or “overweight” instead?

I am not quite aware that the word itself is offensive. In some context it could be, but I never knew its a taboo to use it in an innocent casual conversation. Had an overweight person been present within an earshot of our conversation, would he be offended by my remark? Would I look like a culturally insensitive twit to him? Is it politically incorrect to describe someone as “fat”?

It is not quite the same as using racial slur or using swear words. I imagine if it is indeed offensive, the word as heard by an overweight person would be like having a dagger stuck in his chest. This perhaps stems from his insecurity in his appearance. I somehow do not feel that being fat is something one should be ashamed of. It does signal something wrong with his lifestyle, or health but being fat is not necessarily bad from an aesthetic stand point. I do not prefer a fat partner, but it is certainly not a deal breaker (unless of course if we are talking about orca-obese). The obsession with having the perfect body is at best ridiculous. Looking fit and healthy is what important.

My opinion might somehow sound idealistic. However one puts it, the world still places a lot of weight on appearance. For this, I don’t blame them for taking offence from oftenly innocent remarks.

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