TideLog Archive for December, 2005

May Santa bring you all you all that you wish for, and more.

He brought me Kas two years ago, and she is the best christmas present I have ever had!

Merry Christmas.

Tidus & Kasumi xxxx


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                   Chav-style top keeps music under wraps!

The latest must-have for Chavs this winter is a hoody….for thier iPod.

The trendy covers are set to be a massive Christmas hit with music lovers (Chavs). Chavs will also be able to take them into shopping centres where they were banned from wearing their own hoodies.

The hoodies come in a stylish Athletic Grey and cost £10.99 for a standard iPod, and £9.99 for an Ipod Mini.

Makers Ubahn Clothing (the company are chavs too, what a stupid name!) say “Hoodies will transform your Ipod into something more individual”

What a load of crap!

They are also trying to turn Ipods into “sex machines”, “Experts” have designed a vibrator that moves in time with music to bring more pleasure to music fans.

Maybe the female chavettes, they’re so chavvy they can’t even pull a ringpull!

I would rather spend the night with my wife, having pleasure that way! What is a stupid i-Buzz vibrator going to do? I can just hear a chav now, “Ooh this is so good, listening to Kylie Minogue is making me wanna orgasm!”

Sad bunch of tossers! These “experts” wanna get a life!

Anyway, that cheered me up.

Today is the funeral of Pete, our company co-director, who died of heart failure in his sleep.

God bless you Pete, we will never forget you.

We’re laying him to rest at 3.30pm today, so i had better go get ready. I will post again probably later on today.



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