TideLog Archive for November, 2005

Well folks, i feared the worst, and it happened. Lucy’s graphics card was knackered. But, i’ve just been out and bought a new ATi Radeon 9550 256MB Card, which is miles better. I haven’t got round to testing it yet, but i’ll let you know what it’s like. A 9550 on a printserver!


Tide )

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November 24th comes but once a year and everyone knows it’s the one day over-eating is acceptable. Right?

Today’s [and the upcoming days to consume leftovers] menu (Kas is the cook in our house by the way, if i did this, it would be Burnt Thanksgiving! She is such a good cook, especially with Japanese food, cos she is Japanese:

Turkey (Who has Thanksgiving without the turkey?)
Cranberry sauce
Stuffing (Suprisingly, not “stuffed” inside the turkey.)
Candied yams
Scalloped potatoes
Mashed potatoes (w/ Horse Radish n’ Gravy)
Pumpkin pie
I know I’m missing something else.

Do you ever take breaks while eating to give your mouth a rest? I sure do.

And finally. What’s Thanksgiving without being thankful? I’m thankful for those that I hold close.

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Kas has finished developing KasSoft’s Phone Book. It is programmed in VB, and uses a database and professional XP style wizards to help you add contacts. You can create individual login accounts, so you and your friends or family can store your own contacts in your own databases.

I’ll post a link up soon.

Tide & Kas (KasSoft Management)

 Update 29/11/05. To download KasSoft’s Phone Book, click HERE. It is about 8MB, so a broadband connection is recommended

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Enthusiastic about going to work? Two cleaning ladies in Slovenia certainly were – because they used industrial vacuums to suck almost £300,000 in cash from slot machines. Their bosses grew suspicious when money started disappearing from machines when the casino closed for the night. Police said that at least two cleaners had been using the technique for months. The entire cleaning staff at Casino Korona in the ski resort of Kranjska Gora, near the capital Ljubjiana, has been sacked.

Talk about easy money! I wonder if they sacked the vacuums too?! If they have it sucks! If you go up to the staff, call them suckers, they’ll know what you mean! Talk about sucking up! Literally in their case!

I’m off to suck money out of the casino!!!


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The Metro reports today that the 24 hour binge law, as i call it, got off to a flying start. Yet it says that, and i quote “In Bristol on Wednesday, three drunken men were arrested when they hurled a table through a window after bieng ejected from a nightclub”

If you think that was bad, on a Wednesday, wait till tonight, Friday night! This is when it will all kick off!



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Afternoon all! I woke up this morning, bright eyed & bushy tailed, took the dog for a run with Kas (we always go for a jog round the park in the mornings). Today seems to be going OK, although our company domain server’s HD has given up on me, so i’ve lost all my staff’s work, as all their work and profiles are stored on my central server. Luckily, Kas did a backup about 2 days ago for me, she’s my PA, so we’ve only lost a bit of work. Anyhow, flicking through the paper today, Argos are selling presents for Christmas that i can only describe as “chav gifts”.

On offer there is:

1. A replica of Jordan’s engagement ring, for the chavette in your life.

2. If money is no object, which it usually isn’t with chavs (they get thier mummies and daddies to give them money, even at 25!), perfume costing £115,000! it better be gold perfume for that price!

3. The replica “Jordan’s Jewels” include: Shimmering bra and knicker shaped earrings, a “fetching” signed dog tag, and if you think this sounds as tasteless as the average joke from a christmas cracker, Argos is also selling a “basque shaped body bar” for £9.99.

Argos reckons that the glamour girl’s sparklers will have shoppers drooling. Oh please, Jordan is about as much of a turn on to me as a wet lettuce. Miss Plastic Tits, (oops, she’s now Mrs) give us a rest! She may have a cute face, but her breasts are as fake as a chav’s “Rolex Imitation” watch. Jesus, no wonder Andre proposed, no-one else had the guts to propose to her, her tits scared them off!! Mind you, Andre is fake too, so i suppose they are right for each other.

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Hello everyone,

It’s nearly mine & Kas’s bedtime, she’s just having a bath, so i thought i’d let you all know how i went after the bad day yesterday, then we’re going to get some z’s!

It turned out that the graphics card in Lucy, our network printserver is knackered! It’s an 128MB ATi Radeon 9200 Pro 8x card too! i’ve had to put in an old 2x ATi Rage Pro Turbo, but it gets her running. I still had to give her a mighty smack, as she still beeped, but after i smacked her, she worked!

Computers, eh? I’ve been in the I.T industry 7 years, and have all sorts of qualifications, MCSE’s, MCSA’s, i’m a qualified MCDST (Microsoft Certified Desktop Support Technician), and computers still make me scratch my head sometimes!

I’ve seen more machines from all generations than Bill Gates!

Anyhow, Kas is shouting me to go up to bed with her now, so i better make tracks….quick!!

                       G’Night all!

                       Tide )

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In the news today, doctors claim to have found a way to determine if a woman is going to miscarry, and hopefully it will avoid miscarriages. I know women who have had miscarriages, Kas was one of them, except our daughter wasn’t killed by a natural miscarriage, she was murdered. There was a girl in the bed next to Kas in hospital last year who had lost her baby girl, she was heartbroken, and killed herself two days later, by overdose in the toilets. She was a really nice girl too, i talked to her, helped her through it, we all thought she was getting better.

Women who are pregnant are offered a test to see if they are producing enough of a protein that has been linked to the development of the placenta, and it will help doctors determine if a woman is likely to miscarry, and offer her treatment. A study of 400 women in Australia revealed that women who miscarried had a 70% lower level of the protein, called “Macrophage Inhibitory Cytokine” or MICI.

I hope they’re right, it may not bring our daughter back, or Kayleigh’s, but at least it will help to prevent as many miscarriages in the future, and prevent caring parents having such awful heartbreak, we know first hand how upsetting it is, and we’re still not over it deep inside.

Fingers crossed.



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Everything is going wrong, and i don’t think it is going to stop yet! This morning went OK, i got Kas back into Manchester, pulling her inside her car on the end of a (slightly worryingly thin towrope) with my van.

1. I got back, my office computer crashed, then wouldn’t log into my domain server at 10.00am

2. One of my drivers, Pete, broke down in Birmingham. He’d taken the keys to one of our Sprinters, and after he’d phoned me up telling me he’d broke down, realised the van he was driving had a dodgy starter motor that jammed of its own accord. So i had to go out to Birmingham, get him back here with the van (it started eventually)

3. Then at 5.00pm, the main company server went down, crashing the company PC’s (and there’s 30 of them in total, in the workshops, offices and staff training rooms & public classrooms where we do public computer seminars)


And that wasn’t it……

I got home, Kas was with Rinoa, her sis Ayane and a load of friends at one of thier houses. So i decided to catch up on a bit of work, maybe a bit of blogging.

But no, Lucy, my computer, decided she didn’t want to start, and threw a graphics failure POST beep at me. I tried everything, resetting the CMOS, taking the card out and cleaning the contacts, but nothing worked.

So now i have a useless computer at home with a dead graphics card. Kas is going to love this, it’s our home network print server!! We have 2 Dell PowerEdge Dual Intel Xeon servers, each running at a total of 6GHz, with mine and Kas’s computers wired up to them in a gigabit network and 120MB Internet connection, and Lucy’s the print server!!

Anyway i’ll stop moaning, i bet most of you guys have had bad days too, you don’t need me to make it worse!

See you later


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I picked Kas up this morning, she was a bit disgruntled at bieng stuck in Luton! My van handled towing her car like a dream, i knew i could count on Mercedes. It took us a while to get back. She stayed in a hotel all night, alone, and i had her friend Rinoa and her sister Ayane for company last night. Aww!

It turns out it was her Impreza’s ECU, there is no life whatsoever when you switch the ignition on, it is as dead as a dodo, so she’s going to have to learn to drive one of our SWB Sprinters for now, while her car’s bieng fixed at Subaru. I have a nasty feeling that this is going to cost a bit (and i may end up paying, Kas is out of money till her next modelling contract). Anyone know how much a Subaru Impreza ECU is?

Catch you all later, my dear friends


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I’ve just been reading the news on MSN, and one article has caught my eye. Check this out:

“NEW DELHI (Reuters) – A popular south Indian actress has been pelted with sandals, tomatoes and rotten eggs and hauled before court for telling Indian men not to expect their brides to be virgins anymore.

Khushboo, a 35-year-old star of Tamil language movies, told a magazine in September there was nothing wrong with premarital sex — as long as it was protected sex.

She is now out on $100 bail (58 pounds), and banned from making any more public comments or giving interviews.

The married mother of two is due back in court in a little over two weeks, although it remains unclear whether or not she has broken any law.

The row has also engulfed 19-year-old tennis player Sania Mirza, already under a separate Islamic fatwa for wearing skirts on court, after she stormed out of a news conference on Sunday when pressed on her reported support for what Khushboo said.

Initially, Khushboo’s comments went unnoticed. But a week later, Tamil-language Sun TV, based in the southern state of Tamil Nadu, ran a story of film industry outrage.

Sun may not be an entirely disinterested party. Sun dominated Tamil television without rival for 15 years — until Khushboo came along, hosting a game show on the rival Jaya network which quickly became the most popular Tamil show.

The controversy was picked up by conservative political and community groups, who staged rowdy demonstrations and filed more than two dozen defamation and public interest suits, including one accusing her of “corrupting innocence”.


The controversy has at once titillated and outraged Indians, both supporters and critics, and is still front page news.

Even the finance minister has been grilled by journalists for his opinion, sidestepping the specifics but backing free speech. Miss Universe, Russia’s Natalie Glebanova, and Indian Formula One driver Narain Karthikeyan have also come out in support.

Newspapers also initially reported Mirza, ranked world number 31 and also from south India, as backing her.

But the Muslim teenager, who has angered some Islamic clerics by wearing skirts on court, quickly denied saying any such thing.

“I will like to clearly say on record that I cannot possibly justify premarital sex as it is a very big sin in Islam and one which I believe will not be forgiven by Allah,” Mirza said in a statement, having walked out of a sponsor’s news conference when reporters continued to press her on Khushboo.

Khushboo, also known as “Baby Khushboo” after starting her career in the 1980s as a child actress, is originally from Mumbai. She moved into Tamil films as an adult after her Bollywood career failed to take off.

Now busy with her game show, she gained a tremendous following in Tamil movies as a heroine in sexy song-and-dance films. Adoring fans have built temples in her honour.

But it’s not the first time she has been embroiled in a scandal in deeply conservative India. In a bid to breathe life into her Hindi film career, she once appeared on the cover of a film magazine kissing another actress — one of India’s first public shots of women kissing.

In the latest controversy, Khushboo has found support in an unlikely quarter, the hardline Hindu Rahstriya Swayamsevak Sangh.

“In a state which has one of the highest rates of female foeticide and disparity in male-female literacy rates, talking of protecting womanhood is a sham,” its newspaper, Organiser, said.

“If womanhood is the issue, the protesters should have trained their guns on vulgar movies … and artists like M.F. Hussain, who has done a series of nude paintings of Hindu goddesses,” it added, referring to India’s leading international painter, whose works sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars.”


What is it with religion? Now before you sue me for bieng racist or a masoganist, i am not religious, and neither is Kas, but we believe in God, so you can take us both to burn, at least we’ll be together, our marriage vows were “till death do us part”. I am just a hardworking guy who believes what most (normal) people do.

Let’s all sue Kas because she is a racequeen, and wears a gorgeous skimpy outfit, and had sex before she married me!

No, don’t! That was a joke, well it wasn’t, but don’t sue her! Islamic religion wouldn’t see it that way. They would throw us to the dogs quicker than a flash. Let’s hope the world wakes up and realise there is nothing wrong with pre-marital sex (or female tennis players wearing skimpy outfits, just like Japanese racequeens do). Me and Kas had sex well before we were married, and we’re both still here! I just think it is a load of codswallop!

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Hello my dear blogreaders! I’m just chilling out after work, it’s been an eventful day down at KJC.

Kas is stuck down in Luton, i sent her on a Linux job, she completed it, and her Subaru has broken down! So now she’s stuck in a hotel somewhere! I’m going to have to go and tow her home tomorrow, so Sprinty’s going to have to be all fuelled up and raring to go, although she always is! Kas recently tuned her Impreza up, and forgot to change the ECU, and the engine is now too powerful and has overloaded it, and now the car is totally zonked! I bought it her as a wedding present when we got married, and she’s gone mad tuning it up.

Anyway, looking at her blog, it seems that the Sony keylogger is still bieng investigated, why did they do something like this? It’s beyond me! I certainly am not buying another piece of Sony software until it’s sorted out.

Great! How about i install dodgy HD’s in our company computers, full of viruses, see where that gets us? Surely Sony must have known this would invoke a tribunal of some sort!

Here’s what Kas says (hope she doesn’t sue me for copyright!) It’s crazy!

Texas is Going After Sony

State of Texas Attorney General Abbott has announced a civil suit against Sony for violating anti-spyware laws. The AG is not pursuing criminal charges. But if the suit is successful, Sony might notice the $100,000 he is seeking per violation. At the very least, the lawsuits will keep Sony in the spotlight.

Finally we have a public official who is taking his oath of office seriously. Score one for the people of Texas.


Catch ya all later!

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I’m just chilling out after a hard day, thinking about what to post, and i remembered an article in the paper this morning.

The headline read:

“Flirtatious women asking for rape”

What sort of total braindead sponge thinks that? Am i one of the 2% of men who actually respect women? In the article, men (yes men) claimed that skimpily dressed women, and drunk women were asking to be raped! This article obviously caused outrage with human rights groups, they’re going to be all over it tomorrow.

Anyway, i’m tired, have a splitting headache, AND have lots of work to do, so i will see you all tomorrow.

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My company pride and joy is back on the road after her little accident a few months ago (I rolled her over after a tyre blew out on the motorway) It’s my company van, my Mercedes Sprinter 311CDi, in case you were wondering what I was talking about! She’s been at Mercedes for the past 2 months, having all the chassis straightened out, and having a respray.


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Hello everyone, here’s my new blog! It’s using WordPress, like my wife Kasumi’s is. My blog will hopefully be exciting, i’ll tell you all about what’s on my mind at the time and the following things:

1. Anything exciting that happens in my company, KJ Computers

2. Anything fun me and Kas get up to, like getting drunk and bieng daft!

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