TideLog Archive for May, 2003

Here is my girlfriend’s Kasumi’s Xbox – both she and I have worked on it for a while, and it has many mods – both on the hardware and software. Here is a list of the current specs of her box:

Painted White/Blue
White/Blue Power Assembly LEDs
Blue Cold Cathode under Jewel
Custom Made Corona Jewel *Pending*
External On/Off Switch for Jewel Cathode
External Front Mounted USB Hub

128MB Ram (64MB soldered in)

200GB Hard Drive
Original Samsung Drive

Chameleon 1.0 – (Xecuter 3 Pending)

Other Mods
Ultra ATA 133 Replacement IDE Cable
12v Fan
MCPX Heatsync
Relay between USB Hub and Port 4 so that both are usable without an external switch

*All software patched with Ram Delimiter)
Avalaunch dash
Xebien 1.0.2
All the other software that you would expect to be on a modded box

More Pictures

1. Under the Case Lid

2. Inside of Case with Mods labelled

The Relay works by detecting if there is a controller in port four. If there is a controller, the USB hub is shorted, and the controller connects. If there is no controller connected, the USB hub works. You cannot see this in the pictures, but there is a light on the hub that glows when it is powered. This goes out when the controller is plugged in. With this mod, she is able to use an internal USB hub with no external switches, as well as have full usage of her controller (even yellow wire is left intact)

3. Her external Cathode on/off switch

4. Her heavily modded HD tray cut to accomodate the USB hub

Upcoming Mods

DVD Window
Advanced Video Output (s-video and optical)
Xecuter 3 w/ LCD Screen
LCD Screen embedded in top of Case
Custom Corona Jewel By NoRemorse (shown below)

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